Cell Phones Text Messaging

As we move into a new era of communication, text messaging has become the way of communicating than using the cell phone for talking in person. Instead they are using LOL's to WTF's to converse amongst each other. The world as we know it has become a cultural phenomenon, and conversation is being done in a 160 character phrase. Choosing text messaging over making voice calls has caused a huge decline in people talking to one another. People are choosing to be persuaded to use a whole new language that text messaging has created.

So let's see how popular texting has become.

1. Phone companies like Sprint and Verizon earn about $70 Billion from text messaging revenues.

2. Text messaging can be done in 160 characters or less.

3. The majority of states have banned text messaging while driving; studies have been shown that a person texting while driving is more likely to have the reactions that of a 70 year old driving.

4. According to Nielsen studies, teenager's text at least 10 times a day and 3000 messages a month.

5. Writing sexual messages isn't just for parents; kids are texting sexual messages and pictures.

6. The percentages of teens sending nude photos:

13 year olds - 9%

14 year olds - 13%

15 year olds - 17%

16 year olds - 18%

17 year olds - 24%

18 year olds - 20%

7. 3 to 5 teens text sexual messages say it's unsafe and 1 to 5 teens do it anyway.

8. Texting standards are as follows:

Under the age of 25 eating while texting

Over the age of 25 eating while texting

Under the age of 25 using the bathroom while texting

Over the age of 25 using the bathroom while texting

Under the age of 25 having sex while texting

Over the age of 25 having sex while texting

9. If your texting you are 25 times more likely to get in an accident and cell phones cause 1.4 million car crashes a year and of those 200, 000 car crashes are due to text messaging.

10. In the age group of 18 – 29 year olds, 95% of them text message.

11. In the year of 2009, cell phone users sent approximately 4.1 billion texts every day.

Wow, I'm amazed how we are so easily adaptable to new changes, like text messaging. Social applications are being implemented into cell phones. I wonder how the numbers will change once everyone starts using the social applications like Twitter and Facebook in cell phones. I can see it might cause a huge distraction for our teens and driving. It's spooky when you think about a teenager behind the wheel of a vehicle and trying to Tweet.

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