1. Trusting the incompetent advices about losing weight fast.  Invest in a good nutrtion plan. A good nutrtionist will create a plan following your ideas and your needs and will also answer your questions and give you advices.  The money you invest in such plan will be worthwhile. And remember - there is no losing weight FAST. 

2. Not counting alories.  It is very simple! The number of caolries you eat must be smaller then the number of calories you ''spend'' if you want to lose weight.  The advice is to eat healthy foods like: fresh vegetables and fruit, unrefined foods, etc...

3. If I eat healty foods I will lose weight. That's not true, even healthy foods have calories and if you eat too much of them you will   not lose weight. 

4. Healty snacks between meals. Be careful with them, they can reduce your hunger but you can easily eat too many of them and gain unnecessary calories. Once again, be careful!

5. Not eating certain foods. By avoiding chocolate, pizza and other junk food, you will probably want them more. So if 90% of your nutrition is healthy, 10% of junk food will not do any harm.

6. Skipping meals. Do not skip meals becouse you will probably eat way too much on your next meal.  

7. Too much juices. Drinking juices doesn't feel like lots of calories but it is. Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Red Bull have loads of calories. Water and unsweetened tea are very good. You can also drink moderate amount of coffee.

8. Avoiding exercise. While healthy nutrition is a must, you must not skip and avoid exercise. It is also very important not to limit yourself only to cardio training.  

9. Tracking progress only with measuring weight. You should also measure yourself around waist,arms and legs to track your progress. 

10. Using quality training as an excuse. You did not deserve a hamburger or whole chocolate if you did a very good training. Training is not an excuse for eating junk food, it just helps you achieve your goal!

11. Stop blaming genetics! In short- stop blaming genetics and everything else and get to work!