If you are traveling to Las Vegas and want to meet some women while you are there then you have many options available. Las Vegas is a unique town that gives you the opportunity of meeting a local Las Vegas woman or women visiting from all over the world.

1. Dance Clubs- Las Vegas clubs such as the Jet, Rain, and Pure are popular places for tourists to go and meet women. Las Vegas has many clubs and they are popular with the out of Towner's but you will overpay for everything. Although you can meet women at the Las Vegas clubs it you would be a lot better of going somewhere else.

The Clubs in Las Vegas are like the skinny jeans fad. People think they are cool but really they just look extremely stupid.

2. Museums- Yep, I said museums. You may not find the drunken women with no morals but you can meet a nice woman. If you are looking at meeting women to find one for a long-term relationship then you will be much better of going to the museums as opposed to the clubs in Las Vegas.

3. Las Vegas Speedway- If you like car races then go find yourself a woman at the Las Vegas speedway during a major race such as the annual NASCAR race. Instead of marrying a woman that nags at you for going to the racetrack you can find yourself a woman that will want to go to the races with you.

4. UNLV- The university of Nevada Las Vegas campus is a hotspot of young, hot, and single women. UNLV is a great spot to pick up on girls….unless you are old.

5. Low End Dance Clubs- As we learned from the first section on Las Vegas dance clubs you can meet women but it is not recommended that you go to the Las Vegas dance clubs as you will overpay for everything. The exception is the low end dance clubs. The prices are generally reasonable and you will have a much better chance of not only meeting women but also having breakfast with her in the morning.

6. Escorts- If you simply want some companionship and don't mind spending the money then you can hire an escort. You can find extremely cheap escorts but most of the time you get what you paid for. If you want to be seen out in public with a beautiful young lady hanging on your side then an escort might be your option. She will listen and converse with you. Don't fall in love though because she is only there for the money. It is her job. Do not ever expect a "Pretty Woman" ending.

7. Prostitution- Prostitution is illegal in Clark County, which is where Las Vegas is located. You can always take a taxi out to one of the legal brothels or you can find a cheap prostitute on the seedy part of Fremont Street. You can sleep with the girls at the brothel but never sleep with the prostitutes unless you want to contract HIV. If you are only looking for companionship then you can hire a cheap hooker and take her to dinner and bowling. It may confuse the heck out of her.

8. Fremont Experience- The Fremont Experience is located on Fremont Street, but it is safe and clean. The Fremont Experience is not like the rest of Fremont Street. At the Fremont Experience you can meet women from all over the world. The best time to go to the Fremont Experience to meet women is when it is a busy weekend. The more packed it is then the more prospects you will have.

9. Hotel Swimming Pools- Not only can you meet women at the hotel swimming pools you also get to check out their bikinis. Each hotel tends to bring a different type of clientele to the pool area. If you hang out at the Palms swimming pool you will tend to meet vastly different types of people then if you were at say the Plaza Hotel and Casino's swimming pool.

10. The Strip- On a busy weekend you can hang out on the Strip. You can meet a wide variety of tourist visiting Las Vegas, especially in the area of Caesars Palace. If you and your buddies are looking for a group of women to hang out with then walk part of the strip on a busy weekend.

10. Las Vegas Craig's List- Craigslist is alive and well with women. If you want to prospect out some women before you even arrive in Las Vegas then start researching on Craigslist.

Meeting Women in Las Vegas

You can meet all types of women in Las Vegas. Do you want to meet a woman for a one night stand or to possible establish a long-term relationship? Do you want to try and pick up on a rich girl who is super hot or would you prefer a cute woman from South Dakota who is in Las Vegas for the week?

You need to decide what you want in a woman and then you can better target the hotspots for the type of woman you are looking for. If you are looking for friendship and then along term relationship including the possibility of marriage then going to the legal brothels near Las Vegas will not do you any good. On the other hand is you want a hot and steamy romance that will last all of one weekend then you may want to stay away from the museums in Las Vegas when you are hunting for women.

While in Las Vegas you don't want to spend all of your time chasing women. There are so many fun activities to do including gaming and cycling. If you enjoy yourself in Las Vegas you may decide to move there. If you move to Las Vegas then you could get a great job as a Las Vegas Slot Attendant. Las Vegas is a very fun town, and you will also have many opportunities of meeting women to date while you are in town.