Where To Propose In New York City?

Proposing to marry the woman you love comes with a lot of pressure. Not only is popping the question stressful as it is, but finding the perfect romantic location that she will remember for the rest of her life can drive a man crazy.

In this article I will outline eleven of what I think are the best places to propose in New York City; more specifically Manhattan.

Toys R Us Indoor Ferris Wheel11. The Ferris Wheel At Toys R Us

If you and your woman are both kids at heart, why not spend a romantic day together and top it off with a silly little ride on the Toys R Us Ferris wheel. When you are stopped up at the top, hold her hand and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

Love Statue NYC10. The Love Statue in Upper Midtown

The LOVE statue is a pretty big attraction in upper midtown, if you are unfamiliar with it, the Love statue is a giant statue of the word love. Why not stop by to get a few pictures and pop the question?

Union Square Park9. Union Square Park

Union Square is a park in Manhattan located near quite a few subway lines. There are always street performers running around playing Saxophones and other instruments. Why not grab your bride to be, head to the park, and arrange a musician to play some romantic music for you as you propose amidst a beautiful sunset.

Lincoln Center Fountain8. Lincoln Center Fountain

Lincoln center is a 16.3 acre complex that is dedicated to performing arts. In front of The Metropolitan Opera you will find an absolutely remarkable fountain which would be the perfect spot to get down on one knee to make your move.

Strawberry  Fields Memorial

7. Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park

If you are looking for peace and quiet while proposing, you don't have too many options in Manhattan. One option though is within Central Park at the Strawberry Fields Memorial. The Strawberry Fields Memorial was created as a dedication to the memory of musician John Lennon (from The Beatles). The memorial has strict rules about noise which results in a much calmer environment. The memorial is often covered in flowers and candles which will further elevate the mood when you ask her to marry you.

Staten Island Ferry6. Staten Island Ferry

There is something romantic about being on a boat at dusk, even if it is a ferry. Grab your girl, head out for dinner then take a ferry ride on the Staten Island Ferry overlooking the Statue Of liberty and giving you a gorgeous view of the entire island of Manhattan.

Tiffanys And Co5. Outside Tiffany's & Co

Nothing says I love you like a ring from Tiffany's right? This is a classic for sure, but if you don't have a ring that at least matches the rings on display in the window, you might want to pass this up! Tiffany's is a nice place to propose if you have the money but bad for the bachelor on a budget!

Horse Drawn Carriage Central Park4. Horse Drawn Carriage at Central Park

If you head over to Central Park, you will notice there is always a large group of Horse Drawn Carriages sitting waiting to take romantic hopefuls on tours of the park. As you get deep into the Park, get down on one knee in the carriage and tell your girl how much she means to you. She won't say no!

Rockafeller Christmas Tree

3. Rockafeller Center At Christmas Time

To me, there is something magical about Rockafeller center at Christmas time. The people skating in the outdoor rink, the giant Christmas tree; I'm not exactly sure what it is, but love and happiness is in the air. Get your girl as close as you can to the Christmas tree and have her look up to see the top, when she looks back down, be down on one knee with your diamond in hand. Tell her how much she means to you, and that there is nobody on this planet you'd rather be with.

Top Of The Rock Observatory

2. Top Of The Rock Observation Center

If you want to propose over the skyline of New York, what better place than the 70th floor of the Rockafeller Center at The Top Of The Rock. Get pictures taken of the two of you freshly engaged with the New York skyline behind you.

Empire State Building

1. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building may be cheesy, and it might be slightly cliché, but the fact of the matter is, when you are at your 25th wedding anniversary nobody will forget that you proposed to the woman you love at the top of one of the most legendary buildings on this planet.