A basic introduction

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11 Plus is an examination required in the country of United Kingdom given to students that have completed their primary education and are more than 11 years of age. It is given to all of those students who want to get admission in any secondary school. In this aspect, this is a very important examination and must be passed by every student who wants to get an education beyond the primary level.

Who has to appear in this test?

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Earlier, this test was conducted in all over the United Kingdom and each student had to appear in this test to get admission in any secondary school. However, now this test has been restricted only to a few counties and boroughs of the country and only a few people are appearing in it. These few parts of United Kingdom include London, Kent, Red bridge and Bucks.

Structure of 11 Plus examination

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A very important thing that has to be kept in mind in this regard is that the course and structure of those examinations has varied a lot over time. However, there are some subjects which have always been a part of this exam and were always there. There are three basic subjects that have always been a part of this exam and almost anyone with a general IQ level of a child can easily pass those tests.

Arithmetic, writing and general problem solving

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These are the three subjects which are a compulsory part of this exam and questions related to these topics are always asked in the exam. Arithmetic is a very important subject and it is really very necessary for every kid to have a good grasp on it. It will help him a lot in his or hers future life. The questions about arithmetic are very simple and only the most basic rules of arithmetic apply on those questions. One thing that you will have to keep in mind in this regard is that all the questions will have to be solved by using your brain only. You will not be allowed to use calculator or pen or paper in any way.

Essay writing and general awareness

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These again are some of the things that will tell the authorities about the caliber of any kid. The student will be given a general daily life topic and he will be asked to write a given number of words on that topic. As far as the general awareness or the general problem solving is concerned, it will check whether the student can apply daily life logics in solving simple problems. The kids’ general knowledge will also be tested in this 11 Plus test.

Preparation of this test

This test can easily be prepared for in a time span of few days and there are a lot of online help papers available on internet that students can read for their guidance. 11 Plus exams have many study guides offered.


11 Plus is one of the most regularly conducted tests of United Kingdom. This is a test which is conducted in most of the parts of United Kingdom. Each student which has to go to the secondary education from primary level has to pass this test. The most important subjects include arithmetic, general knowledge and essay writing. Preparation can be done very easily with the help of online help papers that can be accessed very easily from internet.