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Here are some thoughts on ways to increase your InfoBarrel business. If you want to get serious about using InfoBarrel to its' fullest potential then read on.

Take Active Steps

A lot of people have written articles for InfoBarrel. Some people have over 1,000 articles published on InfoBarrel and others have only have 100 or less. Take active steps by continually publishing new articles to InfoBarrel on a regular basis. If you average only 1 article per day then you will be allowing your InfoBarrel account the opportunity to earn you more money each month.

Make a Goal

Make a Goal. Each person is different. You may be the type that likes to set small incremental goals and work towards a huge goal. You may also be the type of person who sets one huge goal and then continually works towards achieving the “big picture” with little to no regards for the smaller goals.


InfoBarrel can literally be the financial answer you are looking for to change your life around. The money does not come quickly or easily, but it does come as long as you keep adding articles. If you earn only $100 a month then over the next 5 years that is an additional $6,000 added to your bank account.

An extra $100 is nice, but what if you were earning $5,000 per month with InfoBarrel? How would an extra $60,000 feel each year? Would you quit your job? Would you buy a luxury condo? Would you spend your days surfing in San Diego and watching the Padres play baseball at night? What would you do if you had both the fat wallet as well as the financial freedom to do what you wanted to do? Dream big here. If you aim for the stars and only hit the moon you will still have a nice fat check coming in each month for all of your writing!

When you go to bed each night visualize your deepest wishes and then concentrate on how InfoBarrel can help you to achieve them. Will you make a million dollars with InfoBarrel? Probably not, but it is possible if you truly attempted to.

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It is easy to get side-tracked and continually be looking for the nest big opportunity. It is great to have a diversified portfolio of revenue generating websites that you own, but don’t get too spread out. If you are new write a lot of articles for InfoBarrel and then start you own niche blog. A niche blog and InfoBarrel can easily feed off of each other.

You need to focus on your projects and keep from getting distracted with things like email, EBay, and general web surfing.

Free Time

The more you’re earning with InfoBarrel then the less you need to work at your 9-5 job. Free time is important and even though you need to focus on InfoBarrel if you want to earn a lot with this platform, you need your play time.

Don’t feel guilty about taking your family to the zoo or heading out on a weekend get-away. Go camping and leave the laptop at home if you want to. When you are at the Zoo or whatever activities you decide to do you will always be able to generate more articles from these experiences.

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Experience New Things

Don’t be a hermit! As a writer for InfoBarrel it is important that you meet new people and do activities you may not normally do. These things will stimulate your mind and help you to fight off writers block and generate some amazing articles.

If you go live with the Amish for a month you would have numerous articles you could write. How many English people go and stay with the Amish for a month? Not many people have done that, yet there is a huge interest in the Amish culture. If you were to live with the Amish and then write about your experiences you would have some compelling articles that could potentially get some heavy traffic to them.

Idaho RainbowsCredit: ErnieYou need to do something different from your regular day to day routine. It could be something as simple as heading to the Nursing home to chat with a couple of the Senior Citizens that live there. These people are often lonely and love to talk to people. They are a wealth of knowledge and history. These older folks can give you insights into history you have never even though about before. There oral histories can be embedded into your articles. The knowledge gained can be invaluable, but more importantly you are sure to have a very enjoyable afternoon.

Try new stuff and meet new people. Instead of yelling at the neighborhood kids for walking on your lawn you should instead offer them a seat in a big lawn chair and get them talking. A young teen’s perspective on music and fashion can be very valuable to InfoBarrel writers who are in older age categories.

Instead of heading out to your favorite restaurant again try out the new ethnic restraint in your town. A trip to McDonalds may not be as compelling as eating fresh lamb Gyros.

Instead of driving to the store try walking. By walking you can meet people you may have just driven by.

If the neighbors are playing loud music you should not yell at them. Instead head over to their house and ask what stereo they are using and show a true interest in them. Take a picture of the stereo and write a hands on review of the stereo. You yelling at your neighbors will do nothing for your pocketbook, but a well written stereo review could earn you money each month for the rest of your life.

Do new things and experience new cultures. You can always meet new people regardless of where you live. New people and new experiences will help you to write compelling, engaging, and interesting articles for InfoBarrel that will allow you to continually increase your monthly earnings.

Notepad and Notebook

When you are surfing around the web doing research for an article keep Notepad open. As you are reading and browsing websites looking for information you will get ideas for articles you can write. Type in the article title idea and move on. At the end of the day you may have 50 or more potential article ideas. When you finish your current article you can simply pull up your Notepad list and begin your next article.

Notebook is for when you are away from your computer. Keep a notebook with you in the car, in your purse, in your Agua Bendita Bikini, and by your bedside. Anytime you get an idea for an article jot it down. If you simply get a funny thought or a weird idea jot it down, as you may be able to get some compelling articles written with that one weird or insightful thought you had.

When you have some downtime then be actively daydreaming and use these thoughts to help trigger ideas for potential articles. If you are day dreaming about Lamborghinis then you could jot it down. You obviously have a shown interest in Lamborghini cars so you could easily write a pack of 5 articles around Lamborghinis. Anything to do with Lamborghinis that interest you such as:

  • The Top 5 Most Popular Colors for Lamborghinis
  • How Fast is a Stick Lamborghini?
  • How to Rent a Lamborghini for a Day
  • How to Drive a Lamborghini without Crashing
  • How to Pick up Women with Exotic Sport Cars such as a Lamborghini

Write Articles in Bundles

When you do research on a topic you have a wealth of information available to you. You can often times write numerous articles around a similar topic such as the Lamborghini article titles above. Whatever your interest may be, you can always write numerous articles around that topic while helping each article to remain unique.


Pictures should be added to almost every article you publish on InfoBarrel. Pictures help to drive traffic, break up the monotony of the layout, and increase interest. With InfoBarrel the media pages are also an additional source of Adsense revenue.

In addition to spicing up articles, taking pictures and then looking through them later will often help you to come up with new article ideas as well as reminding you of details you may of forgot about. Buy a digital camera and then carry it with you at all times. Take pictures of people, places, things, sports, architecture, and everything else. Eventually those images may come into play. If you write an article about seasonal shopping specials you can use the picture of the Wal-Mart you took a few months before.

 Have Fun- Don’t Get Stressed

The number one tip for InfoBarrel Success is to have fun with it. Don’t get stressed out over learning Search Engine Optimization, backlinking, hyperlinking images, and layout. All of this will come in time. You do not have to follow other people methods of operation.  If you do write your articles and always try to target high paying keywords you may get burned out quicker. If you are having a bad day then simply write an article about any topic that interests you. Keep InfoBarrel fun, but if you want to truly succeed on here then you need to keep adding new articles.


All writers seem to have a tendency to like to read. I have always loved to read. I like to read books, magazines, and the back of toothpaste tubes. I will read almost anything I find interesting or helpful. Now that I have began writing as a career I also read crap. I will read articles in the newspaper that I have absolutely no interest in the topic being discussed. What I am interested in is the flow of the words, the intro, the use of words, and how long or short the article is. I use these types of reading material to help gain a better grasp on the fluency of wording articles so that I can invoke some of the writing style into my own work.