Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online, especially with digital products as the commission paid for most of them is just huge.

But to be successful on affiliate marketing you must know what you are doing. Read these 11 surefire affiliate marketing tips for beginners to learn the difference between good and bad affiliate marketing.


1. Build Trust Between You And Your Followers

Building trust is important, why would someone buy something you recommend if they don't even trust you? Building trust takes a while but it is something that you should be doing if you want to success on affiliate marketing.

The most effective way to earn trust is to give. Give your audience value, tons of free information and even your very own time. If you are willing to give, people are willing to give back.


2. Know The Product You Are Promoting

How could you recommend something if you don't know what you are recommending? Recommend only products that you personally know about and have used yourself.

This is important because if you don't know the product, you can't trust that it is useful to your audience either. And if it is not useful and someone buys it, you are only hurting your brand and the trust that you have worked so hard to earn.


3. Show The Results

Show your followers what happened when you used the product you are promoting. If you show them that the product gave you some good results, it is easier for your audience to decide to buy that product.


4. Give As Much information As Possible

If your audience don't know anything about the product you are promoting, they don't feel comfortable to buy it either. Even though they could see all the information needed on the sale page, it is better that you tell them the information first since they trust you and your word, rather than the word of the seller.


5. Use Your Affiliate Link Multiple Times

This is kinda obvious one, but for some reason it is easily forgettable one too. When you write a blog post about the product, include your affiliate link at least twice or maybe even three times through the post – but don't overdo it, otherwise it will be clear what your purpose is, and not in a good way.

It is good to give people multiple opportunities to click the affiliate link, since at some point they are going to arrive at the bottom of the post. If the only link is at the beginning of your post, you miss many potential sales.

Remember that you can also use images as an affiliate link.


6. Make A YouTube Video About The Affiliate Product

Making a video about the product you are promoting opens many new doors. Most important thing is that you can get more traffic – YouTube is also a search engine like Google, it is actually the second most popular search engine right after Google. Also, your videos can show up on Google too. More eyeballs is always better.

Remember to include your affiliate link in YouTube too. Preferably at the beginning of the description, so that people don't have to click that ”Show More” button.

As traffic is important for any internet marketer, you should take a look at How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog article here on InfoBarrel. Even if you are not blogging, same rules apply to static websites as well when it comes to search engine optimization.


7. Give A Bonus To All Who Buys Through Your Affiliate Link

Most likely you are not going to be the only person who promotes the affiliate product, so how about giving something that makes buying through you worth it? Giving a bonus for those who buy through your link is a great way to say ”thank you”.

Now, what could you give as a bonus? It could be some exclusive information or if you are promoting software, how about giving a detailed tutorial about how to get most out of the software? It can even be another product! There are many other options, but you get the basic idea.


8. Track Performance And Test Different Things

You should always track performance of your affiliate campaigns so that you know what is working and what isn't. By tracking you will know what should be improved.

It also helps you in the future since you already know what has worked in the past so that you can avoid doing the same mistakes again.

For instance, I use a plugin called ”pretty link” on my WordPress blogs to track performance of different affiliate links. This way I know which ones are getting the most of the clicks and by repositioning a link I can see what happens to performance of that link. You can improve your click-throughs quite a bit just by testing.


9. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective way to get sales directly or indirectly. You have to set up an email list, get people to subscribe and after that you can send newsletters, informative emails or product information for them. Possibilities are endless.

I like more about indirect promoting since it seems to give more results and is less annoying for people who subscribe to you. At least I don't like when I subscribe for a promising email newsletter just to get bombarded with affiliate links all the time.

One great strategy I have seen on action is a free online course. It does a couple of things for you. Firstly, people are more willing to sign up on your email list since they get a free high value course. Secondly, you can include affiliate products that are relevant with the subject and helpful to the people who subscribed.

If you try to set up a free online course, be aware that you are more likely to make sales at the end of the course since people are beginning to trust you.


10. Focus More On Benefits Rather Than Features

This is something that many affiliate marketers miss. They just keep talking about all the great features of the product they are promoting, but forget what they are actually trying to accomplish: giving people something that will benefit them.

When you talk about affiliate products, always tell how the product will help out the people who will buy that product.


11. Be Honest

And my last tip is: be honest. If you have already earned trust with your followers, why would you want to hide the fact that the links they are about to click are actually affiliate links?

People appreciate honesty, and if you are giving them valuable information for free, some people are more than willing to pay you back by clicking your affiliate link – especially if they are going to buy the product anyways.

Revealing that the link is an affiliate link also gives them a call to action, so there is no point to hide things at all.


So, that concludes 11 surefire affiliate marketing tips for beginners, but there is still something little I want to say about affiliate marketing. I see affiliate marketing as a way to help people out, not just a way to make money. Internet marketing should be about helping people anyway, the money just comes back to you naturally as a result of that help.