Flintstones is one of the most well-known cartoons of all-time. There are a lot of interesting facts about this cartoon and you are bound to learn a lot of interesting trivia and amazing things about Flintstones, even if you grew up watching the show. Here are 11 amazing facts about the Flintstones.

1. Sponsored by Winston Cigarettes

The show was sponsored by Winston Cigarettes and designed to be a show for adults.You can see three of the early commercials in the video below and they even feature Fred Flintstone smoking. Today we think of the Flintstones as a show for children but when the show first came out it was designed solely to market cigarettes to adults. After the Winston cigarette sponsorship ceased then Welch’s Grape Juice became the main sponsor.

2. The Honeymooners

The Flintstone basically just ripped off many of the themes use in “The Honeymooners”. The show was so much identical that Jackie Gleason almost sued the show but decided against it. Jackie Gleason was also the writer of The Honeymooners television show. Many of the gags and the similarity between the Flintstones and the Honeymooners are amazing. The Honeymooners was the most popular show on television at the time the Flintstones came out so it is no wonder that the Flintstones would try and emulate that success.

3. Always Produced in Color

Every episode of the Flintstones was produced in color; however the first 2 seasons were broadcast in black and white.

4. Seth MacFarlane Flintstones Remake

Seth MacFarlane who created the popular Family Guy television show had designed a new Flintstones. There was a lot of excitement surrounding this but the idea eventually has been postponed until Seth Macfarlane can fit it into his super busy schedule. There is still a chance that the Flintstones cartoon remake will not occur; however I have faith in Seth MacFarlane and his reputation and still hope that the remake can and will occur.

5. The Flagstones

The original name of the show was set to be the Flagstones. The first screen tests even used this name but eventually the name had to be changed because of the Hi & Lois comic strip whose characters last names was Flagstone.

6. Cavemen and Dinosaurs

Many school aged children and even many adults believe that cave men and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Dinosaurs and cave men were not alive at the same time but because of the Flintstones many people continue to believe wrongly that cavemen and dinosaurs did live together simultaneously.

7. Nude Women

In some of the earlier episodes there are a few scenes where you can find a poster of a nude woman hanging on a wall. This also helps to reinforce the point that this cartoon was designed for adult, particularly adult men who smoked.

This is about the raciest thing about the Flintstones I could post; however, I did find many clips with crude adult humor in them that were funny but not something I could share on this website.

8. Beer Advertising

There was a special animation that features Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble drinking Busch beer. The advertisement was released specifically as part of an internal campaign for Busch employees and for Busch Beer distributors.

9. Cold Cereal

The cold cereals Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles was started because of the televisions show. Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles continue to be a huge seller in the crowded cold cereal aisle at super-markets everywhere.

These cold cereals were originally called Sugar Rice Krinkles but did not sell very well. In 1971 the Sugar Rice Krinkles line of cold cereals was reintroduced with the Flintstone licensed branding and were then called Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. The cereal then went onto become a huge success.

10. Rockville

The town of Bedrock was originally called Rockville in the earliest episodes.

11. Theme Song Changes

The theme song that we can all still sing along with was not the original theme song. The original Flintstones theme song was different during the first two seasons. 

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