Full Lip Tips, 11 Different Ways

Full, plump lips are very desirable and have become a popular trend. Women are doing a number of procedures with different lip injections, collagen and lip implants. If you want to try something different, there are 10 ways to make your lips look bigger. They are the tricks of the trade that will help you achieve fuller lips. The good news is you probably already have most of the supplies. Just remember all of these full lip tips are temporary.
To begin with, always exfoliate. One way to get full lips is to exfoliate them. There’s a couple of ways to exfoliate your lips. You can get a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush your lips with a little bit of water. This will remove any dry skin and circulate the blood and creating fuller lips. Apply lip balm afterwards to moisturize. You can also us a sugar scrub on your lips. Take a little bit of sugar on damp lips and rub gently, or instead of water you can use a little bit of olive oil or lip balm. This will help moisturize your lips as well. Exfoliating not only plumps your lips but also makes them smooth and younger looking. Nobody wants to see dry scaly lips and exfoliating is the answer.
Use a white-eye pencil or very light concealer and outline the cupids bow of your lips. The Cupid’s bow is the “V” on your top lip. This will highlight this area and make your lips look fuller and prettier, accenting the natural shape of your lips.
Concealer is a great option to do before applying your lipstick or gloss. It can be used as a base or primer. Use concealer, or foundation works well too and rub a thin coat on your lips. The concealer will fill in the tiny lines and wrinkles on your lips creating a fuller lip. Make sure the concealer isn’t too light where it alters the color of your lipstick.
Use a soft or light brown eyeliner and apply it just beneath your bottom lip.  Only do about an eighth of an inch and don’t press too hard.  This makes your lips look fuller because of the shadow it creates.
It always amazes me to know many women do not use lip liner. If you use lip liner correctly is does wonders for your lips. It makes your lips pout and fuller. Gently apply a thin line of lip liner around on the outline of your lips and correct any irregular lines but don’t over do it and stay as close to your lip shape. Many people have very subtle cupids bow’s or they are un-even; the lip liner can fix this. Make sure the lip liner is as close to the lip color as possible. You never want to see the lip liners line of demarcation.
When using a lip liner, don’t line the corners of your lips. This will create a fuller pout. Outline close to the corner then stop. No need to open your mouth and bring the line all the way into the corners. Keep your mouth closed and bring the line close enough where it’s not obvious.
One of the best ways to make your lips look fuller is choosing the right shades of lipstick and gloss. Lighter shades make your lips look bigger and darker shades tend to make your lips look smaller. Light shades with a bit of shimmer; light frost or gloss creates a fuller lip. The light reflects off the shimmer and gloss making your lips look fuller. When you use a light gloss, you can also try putting a little bit just in the center of your upper and lower lips. If you don’t like the shimmer or frost, then stick to the gloss.
Lip plumping glosses and lipsticks can create a fuller lip as well. They use ingredients to stimulate the blood creating temporary fuller lips. Cinnamon is a popular ingredient that has been used. Lip plumpers come in many colors and shades and sold everywhere.
You can also create a mixture of cinnamon with Vaseline, lip balm or gloss, or honey. Apply it to your lips, and let it set for a few minutes. You will feel it working. The cinnamon tingles your lips. Make sure your lips are not dry and chaffed or the cinnamon may cause irritation. Begin by using just 1-2 drops of cinnamon. Applying only cinnamon directly to your lips may be too strong and cause irritation as well.
Keeping your body and lips hydrated is an essential, so you should drink plenty of water and moisturize your lips throughout the day.  When your lips are dehydrated and dry they look smaller, when they are hydrated and moist they are fuller. Keep Chap Stick or lip balm close to you at all times. In the evening after you wash your face and before you go to bed, apply Chap Stick or lip balm to your lips so when you wake up your lips are always moist and full.  But don’t just do this at night; keep your lips moist all day.
Using a little bit of frost in the middle of your lips on top and bottom creates a fuller looking pout. If you want a fuller bottom lip, then apply frost to the bottom lip only. You can use frosted lip-gloss or even a little bit of frosted eye shadow then finish with a gloss. Just dab a little bit of frost on your lips, not too much then it looks too obvious and a little weird.
Some of these methods to make your lips look fuller may work better than others for you. They are temporary but you can make them more permanent if you use the plumping methods everyday and they are much cheaper than getting your lips injected. Plus, they are more natural looking.

Full Lip Tips

11 ways To Make Your Lips Look Bigger