finding your own unique charisma

Finding Your Charisma

If you were to count the number of charismatic people in your life or that you’ve met before, how many could you name? Would you consider yourself a charismatic person? Moreover, do others consider you charismatic?

It’s one of the rarest things to find in this world. When you do find it you never want to let go because it’s simply too alluring and revitalizing. Charisma is however not as elusive and rare as some may think.

It’s not a case of being the privileged few who are born with it. Every single one of us has it lying dormant within ourselves it’s just a matter of awakening it.

So What is Charisma?

Those who’ve encountered charisma can attest to its sheer magnetism to attract and transform experiences. It’s one of those tacit qualities where you know it when you see it, where you think to yourself “there’s something about them but I just can’t put my finger on it”.

People that possess charisma are usually prominent leaders however it could also be as familiar as your next door neighbor. Nevertheless, they have the power to make nations march and cause people to roar with conviction. Of course not every charismatic person is destined to lead. What they do irrespective of their purpose and position in life is make lasting impressions that positively shape the lives of those around them.

There’s no denying the limitless power of charisma can bring to the life of others and that of our own. Let’s look at ways to awaken and cultivate our own unique charisma.

Just like how every one of us is unique, so is our charisma. You may only have a few of these qualities or more than the ones listed, the important thing to remember is to find the qualities that reflect your core beliefs.

1. Be Your True Self

Charismatic people are comfortable with their self-identity, they remove the façades and shields that mask our true identity from others and embrace their unique selves. They don’t pretend to be something they are not, they are what they are and they don’t care if others don’t accept them.

Be yourself by first learning to accept your own identity. You are good enough and you don’t need to conform to the expectations of others.

2. Be Congruent

Congruence is the trademark of a truly charismatic and genuine person. Being congruent means having your values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions aligned at all times – where you say and do what you mean. Having any misalignment of actions and words only serves to repel and breed distrust.

Be congruent by letting go of your insecurities or ulterior motives that disrupt the alignment of your words and actions. Say what’s on your mind sincerely, and do what feels right unapologetically as long as it’s for the betterment of others.

3. Find Your Inner Child

Charismatic people have a zest for life that is filled with a childlike curiosity and enthusiasm. Their imaginations are wild and free, and they are not afraid to immerse themselves in different worlds to entertain their limitless joy for life.

Find your inner child by learning to be amused by the simple things in life. Be genuinely curious, and at times outrageous all in the name of having fun and exploring your boundless imagination.

There is a difference between finding your inner child and being immature. Charismatic people know when to be serious and when to engage with their amusing imaginations.

4. Focus and Engage

Charismatic people are switched on, focused and passionate. They have an acute sense of awareness and understanding of their surroundings whilst placing their full attention to whatever they are engaged in. This not only makes them extraordinary achievers but powerful role models as well.

Always be engaged with whatever you are doing. Never do something half-heartedly, go all in and create something truly inspiring for others to follow.

5. Be Genuinely Interested In Others

A charismatic person knows that stars shine brighter in the dark. They know by dimming the focus on themselves and putting the spotlight on others, they allow others to feel truly special and unique. It’s their combination of empathy and genuine interest in others that allows them to ignite a person’s passions and convictions.

The most interesting people are the people who are most interested in life. Learn to be genuinely interested in others and watch them come alive with purpose. They will forever remember you for how you made them feel empowered.

6. Practice the Art of Empathy

The art of charisma is really the art of interpersonal communications on a very profound level. Charismatic people know how to tactfully communicate with almost anyone. Their heightened sense of empathy makes others feel truly heard and understood.

Being empathetic towards someone involves really immersing yourself into someone’s world. Remove your ego and self-interest and just be fully present. Listen then understand, understand then feel, and only when you’ve felt that person’s soul respond appropriately with the most thoughtful words or actions.

7. Be Courageous

The courage to break the mould and do something out of the ordinary is what makes charismatic people so intriguing and magnetic. They believe in originality, adding their own unique elements to whatever they do in life instead of following trends. Their courage comes from embracing their individual uncertainties rather than holding onto what is known and safe for others.

Be courageous by taking the road less traveled – you choose your own path. Know that it is uncertainty that sets you free and makes you stronger.

8. Be Positive and Relaxed

Charismatic people are rarely fazed by the distresses and problems of life. They know that stress and panic will only exacerbate matters further. Instead they are always composed, optimistic and relaxed because this is the only way to yield optimal results when dealing with life’s challenges. Their relaxed demeanour is the hope that soothes woes and calms anxious hearts.

Always remain positive and relaxed no matter what the situation is. You are far more likely to solve an issue when you’re in a relaxed positive frame of mind than being negative and frantic.

9. Free From Yourself from Judgment

Judging someone only serves to attack and restrict others. Charismatic people are free of judgment. They don’t have the need to define or categorize others in order to feel in control. Instead they instantly accept others for who they are as an individual.

Accept others for who they are and what they want to be. That is when their potential grows.

10. Paint With Your Words

The words of a charismatic person are like the brushstrokes of an artist. Each word is carefully infused with meaning and delivered with precision and seamless intensity. They are great storytellers in the way they express emotions and convey their words, rousing an orchestra of emotions and images that can enthrall your imagination and raise you to action.

Use colorful, metaphorical language to paint images in the minds of others. Be as creative and imaginative as you can to bring others on journeys to new worlds.

11. Build Your Confidence

It’s the collective qualities of a charismatic person that gives them their striking confidence. Their strong values and beliefs form the foundations whilst their acceptance of self and defined purpose in life consolidates their confidence and convictions. They are confident because have found security and direction within themselves.

Always look for security from within rather than from outside. Confidence grows as you learn to accept yourself and embrace your purpose.

Charisma City

Every single one of us has the ability to awaken our inner charisma. Being charismatic doesn’t involve learning some kind of special skills or changing one's core beliefs at all. Everything we could ever be is already within us. We just have to look deep to find and awaken what was once there or is still dormant.

So what are you waiting for, go in there and find your unique charismatic self~