There are many ways to get links to your website without having to pay for them or build them yourself. The 11 examples below can bring many natural links to your website. 

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1. Controversy

Controversy can be an extremely effective way to get links to your website, but be warned, this method is not recommended! Posting something controversial on your website will generate a lot of attention and links, but the damage this can do to your brand is likely not be worth it!

2. Answer Questions and Participate in Your Community

Sometimes the best way to get links to your website, is to leave your website. Try commenting on  related blogs and forums in valuable way. Answer questions, share relevant information, and include your link so people know where to find you. This can be a very effective way of finding  people who may be interested in your website. If they link to your site after visiting it, even better!

3. Do Original Research

Doing original research is extremely valuable to readers - which is why it typically gets linked to. Have you tested a prodct nobody else has, interviewed someone new to your field, found a comprehensive set of resources that most people don't know about? Share that research on your website and your audience will be very happy to post your link and keep the sharing going. 

4. Create a Great Newsletter

Not only is a newsletter a great way to bring consistent traffic to your website, but it's also a great way to get links. Sending out useful and interesting content to your email list gives them an opportunity to link to that great content. As s bonus, encourage your list to forward your email to their friends. Making this simple suggestion can help you grow your list and your opportunities for link love.

5. Use Social Media

Being active on social media can be an extremely effective way to get links. Most social media links won't help your SEO directly, but the more people engage with you and share your content on social media networks, the more likley someone is going to link to it from their own website or blog. Plus the traffic that comes from social media can oftentimes far surpass that of search engines!

6. Create Lists

Lists are very popular and much more likely to go viral than most content. People love lists that are easy to read and understand, but provide a really useful aggregation of ideas. Don't overdo it, but a great list every so often is a sure way to get a few great links.

7. Blog and Be an Authority

Blogging is a great way to keep your content fresh and capture all those long tail keywords. Each time you post something new, you've created a new opportunity for someone to link to you. Becomoning an authority on a subject will take it to the next level. If you are the best resource on your topic out there, you already know people will linking to you!

8. Create How-To or Tutorial

Everybody loves great how-to articles and tutorials. Think about the last time you wanted to know how to do something - you probably looked it up online. If you found something great you likely passed it along to friends and readers. Once again, the more your content gets passed around, the more links will come your way.

9. Create a Useful Service, Product, or Open Source Software

If you've got a great proudct or service for sale - even a free opensource software - satisfied customers will gladly share your website to tell others where they can find your product. Not only will this help your search engine rankings, but you can make more sales too!

10. Create Videos

Poeple love video. A great video posted on YouTube can be embedded into your website, making people more likely to link to you. Plus, you get a link from your YouTube video! The traffic that finds you on YouTube is just a bonus.

11. Make Sure Your Website Has Good Architecture

This is often one of the most overlooked parts of a solid linkbuilding plan. Not only is a fast-loading, well layed out, search engine optimized website more likely to rise in the rankings, but it also increases the odds that people will link to you. If your website looks junky and doesn't load very quickly, many people will refrain form linking to you, regardless of how great the content is. Don't overlooked this step in your linkbuilding strategy!