Christmas is one of those Holidays that is supposed to be a very wholesome family event. While this means most people try to generally follow the rules and stick to the tried and true Christmas traditions, you always have a few bad apples who have to stray from what society says is the norm. These are the same people who come up with the genuinely creative and sometimes disturbing Christmas ornaments you wind up seeing all over the Internet.

Personally I'm a bit of a creature of habit, so it is hard for me to break the norm on stuff like Christmas. For example, it took moving into an apartment building where real Christmas Trees weren't aloud before I finally conformed and purchased my first artificial Christmas tree. While it seemed anti Christmas to me for years, after finally taking the leap to the world of fake trees, I've been pretty damn happy ever since. In all honesty, vacuuming up all those needles every second day and having my car urinate all over the base of the tree really wasn't that appealing, especially to my girlfriend.

Anyways, I've considered trying out weird themes for Christmas Tree, and I've spent a few hours scouring the net for what could be some good future ideas, but nothing really stands out to me except for possibly the idea of a Super Mario themed Christmas Tree!

Well, without further ado, I introduce you to some very weird Christmas Ornaments.

Super Mario/Nintendo Christmas Tree
If you grew up in the 1980's then this is the perfect tree for you! Not only is it covered in Marios, Link's, The guy from Castlevania, but it even has that awesome bubble spitting Bubble Bobble Character; I loved that game!
Super Mario Brothers Christmas Tree
Chanukah Ornament
If you can't figure out why a Chanukah ornament is kind of twisted, I feel for you. If you aren't educated in other religion's holidays, Jewish folk don't celebrate Christmas but instead celebrate Chanukah around the same time. Since Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas, they don't have Christmas trees, this is a colossal business fail for somebody!
Chanukah Ornament
First Time Impeachment Ornament

This specialty Bill Clinton ornament is clearly hand made, but hop in a time machine and head back ten years and you know you would have got a good chuckle out of it. I'm sure half the people reading this now probably aren't even old enough to get the joke. For the younger folk, Google is your friend, look it up!

First Time Impeachment Ornament
Bambi Ate Magic Mushrooms!

Based on the size of Bambi's pupils in this picture, he ate a few too many mushrooms and by the looks of them they were magic! Children, don't do this at home!

Bambi Magic Mushrooms Ornament
Have a Very Bin Laden Christmas

Now this Christmas ornament is a must have for any aspiring terrorist in your family. Nothing says I love you to a terrorist like a Grenade, a few Bin Laden heads.

Bin Laden Christmas Ornament
Nerdy Circuit Board Ornaments

Are you a little too into Star Trek? Want the world to know? Rip your old PC's apart and cut fancy shapes from your old mother boards. A hole punch and a piece of string completes your freshly made camouflage nerdy Christmas Tree ornaments.

Circuitry Christmas Ornaments
Mooning Santa Ornament

I'm not even sure the Mooning Santa even comes in a version that you can hang from your tree, but rest assured if I had a dozen of these I'd be finding away to ensure they were attached to my tree before my friends and family came over for a nice cup of egg nog (and rum).

Mooning Santa Ornament
Yule Tide Terd - Poop Christmas Ornament

Are you an aspiring proctologist? Have you spent the last ten years of your life studying anal cavities so you can spend the rest of your life treating them? Don't fret future proctologist, your Christmas would not be complete with a steaming pile of poo ornament to compliment your Christmas tree!
Poop Christmas Ornament
Unborn Baby Christmas Ornament

This is pretty much the weirdest ornament I've ever come across, a baby in utero rocking what looks to be an AK47. Pretty wholesome if you ask me.

Unborn Baby Ornament
Bacon Christmas Tree

This is one of my favorites, because I love all things bacon. If I didn't have two pesky cats who eat anything I leave out, I probably would have had the Bacon Christmas Tree out on display last year.

Bacon Christmas Tree
The Tampon Christmas Tree

My whole life I've been led to believe that Maxi Pads were the only female hygene product that multiple purposes (they give you wings). Turns out I was wrong, Tampons apparently have multiple uses as well! Mix, match and paint your varying tampons to make a very festive and budget minded Christmas Tree.

Tampon Christmas Tree