"Too much Tony Stark", Says Young Fan

Iron Man 3Credit: g4tv.com

I went to a matinée screening of Iron Man 3 on opening weekend.  I decided to hang around the theater that afternoon, do a few interviews and get reactions from fans as they exited the theater.  

I noticed a boy talking rapidly to his parents as he explained some important detail about the movie.  His parents looked a little amused, but he was upset and gestured emphatically as he talked.  

I approached the boy's parents with my mic in hand, introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to ask him a few questions about the movie.  They agreed to a few questions but not on camera.  

The young man was so full of ideas about the film that it turned into a full review.  His take is so fresh that it reminds me of that old saying, "Out of the mouths of babes".  Here is the transcript from the audio.  I did not embellish his responses in any way.  

Caution: Spoiler Alert, details about the film will be revealed in this interview.

Pompeii: So, You Saw Iron Man 3?

11 Year Old: Yes I Did.

Pompeii:  How did you like it?

11 Year Old:  Uh, to me, I thought, I didn't really like it that much because Iron Man is barely in it.  Basically, they should have called the movie "Tony Stark 3".  

Pompeii:  They showed too much Tony Stark?

11 Year Old: Right!  And like, most of the time when Iron Man was at his peak and was like strong and everything and he was fighting this lava guy and his computer butler, Jarvis told him that armor was coming and he was calling the armor and getting ready for it, the armor like epic failed and knocked into a wall and broke into pieces.  And Iron Man was like "aw c'mon."  And I felt the same way.

Pompeii:  You felt like "Aw, c'mon?"

11 Year Old: Yes I did.  And that happened at least a few times.  People, Iron Man is not an epic fail!  He is...he's a superhero!  He's part of the Avengers!  Why do you think he's been around for this whole time?  They kept showing him failing and for half the movie he wasn't even in the armor.  Usually he'd be controlling it, with technology.  He wouldn't even be in the armor.  What is going on here?

Pompeii:  How was the villain?

11 Year Old:  The villain sucked!  Okay.  The villain was horrible.  The villain is Mandarin okay.  But it's not even Mandarin.  It turned out to be some fake actor.  He's some British actor who's not even a super villain.  He made a deal with those lava dudes and Guy Pearce.  I don't know his name in the movie but I know his real name, Guy Pearce.  It just makes no sense at all!

Pompeii:  What did you think of the ending?

11 Year Old:  Iron Man doesn't even save the day.  Pepper saves the day because she's infected with those lava powers.  Iron Man was supposed to save the day.  Guess where Tony Stark was.  He was laying on the floor, watching!  I could've made a better movie.

Pompeii:  Did you see a surprise at the end of the movie credits?

11 Year Old:  Yes, there was a surprise at the end of the movie and that sucked too!  All it was…all it was…was him sitting there in the psychiatrist room telling some guy who played the Hulk in the Avengers movie, telling the story about what happened.  It's not even in real-time.  Tony Stark is telling a story and the doctor wasn't even listening, he fell asleep.  I would've fallen asleep too because it was such a bad movie!…I'm really disappointed.