The real estate market has been reeling over the past few years due to a number of things that have contributed to an overall collapse in the world economies and the value of real estate. While it is beyond the scope of this article to go into detail how and why the economy has taken such a hard hit during recent years, the effects of such a downturn have become apparent by virtue of the tightening of the credit markets. Lenders have adapted to this new kind of financial climate by making it much more difficult for borrowers to get approved for all sorts of loans—from personal loans, to auto loans, to home loans. They have also reduced the number of some of the more exotic loan products that they may have been offering before these financial crisis's took effect, and this has meant that many of the more creative mortgage products that were becoming so commonplace over the past ten years or so have simply disappeared, or have become much more difficult to come by. The 125 second mortgage has become one of these kinds of mortgage products, and many lenders have either completely stopped offering the 125 second mortgage, or have made it so that their borrowers must display exemplary credentials before they can get approved for one. This is not to say that the 125 second mortgage doesn't exist anymore, and rather it has just become a much more obscure mortgage product, and one that demands a lot from its borrowers.

So what the heck is 125 second mortgage? A 125 second mortgage is essentially a second mortgage that can be used in exchange for whatever equity you have built into your home. What makes the 125 second mortgage so unique though is its ability to provide you with more than you would normally receive with a conventional second mortgage as 125 second mortgages allow you to borrow up to 125 percent of your home's value minus what you owe on your first mortgage. This can give you the ability to gain access to much more cash than what you have built up as equity in your home, and it can also give you a larger payment that you have to make each month so you must take caution when obtaining such a loan. The majority of lenders that can provide you with a 125 second mortgage will want to see that you have built up a significant amount of equity in your home before they can approve you for this type of second mortgage, and this can range from anywhere from twenty percent or more of your home's value. If you have this kind of equity built up already then you are going to also have to have very good credit, and it is recommended that you don't waste your time applying to lenders for this type of loan unless your credit score is above a seven hundred.

The potential of abuse with these types of second mortgage loans is very high, and you must be careful not to misuse the proceeds of your loan on frivolous items that you may not actually need. The best way to utilize this kind of loan is for business purposes, home remodeling and fixing, as well as for any sorts of lingering debts or miscellaneous bills. You don't want to simply take out a 125 second mortgage to buy that Mercedes or BMW, as this is what many people were doing up until about 2007-08 when the bottom fell out of the markets and these homeowners were left with an upside-down property that they couldn't afford. You don't want to have to stress about having to make the additional monthly payments, and you never want to go into foreclosure, so it is imperative that you make sure that your situation warrants the application for such a unique kind of mortgage loan. If you have the equity, the necessary credentials, and the appropriate situation then you may still want to think about the 125 second mortgage as it can provide you with the funding you need in exchange for the equity in your property. The number of lenders that offer such a loan product have greatly diminished ever since the financial crisis of 2007-08, so be prepared to do some digging if you want to find a good and reputable lender.

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