Decorating rooms for kids should really be a task that is fun, that provides you with a lot of memories. It is not something that should seem like a chore. You can be a little creative, without spending too much money, because you have to realize that this is not your formal lounge, so it is time to experiment.

It is important that your kids get involved. After all they will be spending a lot of their time here. Use colors that they love, along with their favorite things, which could include animals, something in nature, a superhero or some other characther that they are crazy about.

You could really turn something bland and boring into a room which is super exciting. However, be careful not to go with too many trends and fads because this could be a mistake when it comes to your bank balance.


The first thing you have to decorate and design is the bed. Once that is done, you can plan around it. Now, getting a blue race car toddler bed is all well and good, but it is going to cost you if you decide to make a change every couple of years. These are questions you have to ask yourself. It is nice if the bedding matches up with the wall and something in the play area. You have to remember that your child may outgrow certain themes quickly, so be careful of that.

Wall Decals

There is a huge choice of cute little stickers available here. However, some of these are more than just a pretty butterfly floating around. The whole wall can be adorned in what may look like an illustration out of a story book. This is nice for kids, because it can open up a whole new world for them.

wall decal

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Kids are developing all the time, but they do so in different ways, depending on their age and their stage in life. Younger kids may have seen certain letters of the alphabet around, probably in books, and this is where you can help them by finding some cool looking letters to display on the wall. Other kids may like to see their name in print on the wall.


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Playroom decor ideas should also be creeping into your head, because the bedroom is not just a place for sleeping. You don't need a big area to make this look exciting. A couple of nice big, bright, comfy cushions in the center of the room is all one needs.

If you have a bigger area to work with, you could include a little table and chair. This will prevent your living room looking like one big mess. Of course, you have to know what your child enjoys. Some kids may enjoy playing in a little tent.


Organizing kids rooms can be turned into something which can add something extra. For example, taking the cupboard doors off will not only add space into the room, but it will brighten things up. Bookshelves can either be painted in different colors or shaped into something interesting. You can convert a bunk bed at the bottom as a space to work at a desk.


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Color Scheme

This will depend on the age of the child because younger kids will go for brighter colors and older children will prefer to tone it down. It is nice to keep it simple with just two colors complementing each other. You could choose something like pink and green or blue and red.

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Wall art

Along with the decals, you could also include other forms of art that kids will really appreciate. The important thing is just to get the right balance. You don't want to overdo this. There are some great quotes, which can be arranged against a nice background and framed. You can either do this yourself or buy them.


Be creative in whatever you do here, and that includes how you place the books and toys. It is nice to make use of your wall decals here. You can find a lot of decals in the shape of a tree. From here, simply nail in a couple of shelves where you see the branches creeping out.


You can spice up an old bookcase with a little paint and a couple of fun bookends. It's often the little things in a room like this that make all of the difference.

Girls and Boys

Decorating ideas for girls rooms are obviously going to be a lot different to boys. You have to look at the color schemes and wall art for starters. However, what do you do if siblings are sharing? You have to look for a compromise.

This is actually not a bad idea, because they learn about sharing early on in life. The room is usually divided in two with the one side painted in pinkish tones, and the other reserved to those suitable for boys. Siblings will learn to bond, sharing toys and games with each other.


Decorating kids rooms on a budget is very possible if you think about it,  especially if you use your DIY skills. One example of this is a chalkboard which will bring a smile to any little child. Playing teacher, teacher or noughts and crosses are always popuar and not something that is going to fade away any time soon.




Greenery does wonders for any living space. A plant almost instantly changes a room around and adds atmosphere into the environment. Have at least one nice big tropical plant, that can give the room a lift. You may want to give your child the task of watering the leafy giant, and this will give him or her more responisiblity in life.