12 Cool Things in GTA IV To Check Out!

-Pay and Spray Invisibility Cloak

Here is a simple to access glitch that can be useful if you are trying to elude the police. While Pay and Spray shops are typically used with your car, you will need to exit your vehicle and run into the Pay and Spray on foot. Once you enter, the police will give up searching for you, though your wanted level will not go down. This can be useful for regaining some health and making a decision about where you want to go next.

-Your Crapslist.com Secret Date Alexandra Chilton

Going on dates in Grand Theft Auto IV can be amusing. Though the actual content of these dates are not particularly fun (unless you enjoy taking it easy and playing various mini-games frequently), the dialogue alone makes searching for these “bonus” dates very much worth it.

One date in particular, a Ms. Alexandra Chilton, is particularly charming with her egotistical and materialistic persona. Not to mention, she runs a blog (blogsnobs.org) that you can actually access; and even will blog about you (IE: Niko Bellic) after dates. These blog posts are often hilarious and riddled with satire, and can also be useful if you are looking to gauge how “good” your dates are with Alexandra.

In addition to this, continued dating with her will lead to a lot of random and teenager-like text messages; including photo messages of her in sexually provocative positions and garments. Alexandra Chilton is seriously one of the deepest characters contained in this game that is not meant to play a significant role.

-The Bao Art-by-Panda Art Installation

Bao (or sometimes represented [BAO]) is an unorthodox real-world Chinese artist who creates artwork by forcing two pandas (yes, this is serious) to paint on canvases for him. He controls the pandas by singing, shouting, screaming, among other things for hours at a time. His goal is to create “animalistic” artwork. In Grand Theft Auto IV’s virtual world, you can run into a real life exhibit of his work. This installation is spoken about in advertising on a few of the radio stations in game, and ironically they do exist to be seen.  

-Call 911 on People You are Fighting

One hilarious function of your in game cell phone is the ability to call 911 and request emergency services. You can request a firetruck, ambulance, or the police. While the former two are both amusing in their own right, the ability to call the police is a bit of an irony (considering you play a criminal) and can make for some amusing firefights. The key to making this work properly is to begin fighting some random people (preferably a small gang with firearms). Then, jump into your vehicle and call the police. In a few moments, they will arrive and dish it out with the people who were fighting you! The law in Grand Theft Auto was never fully functional to begin with, so no reason to feel bad at all about taking advantage of this gimmick.

-The Heart of Liberty City

Of all the things people don’t know about in GTA IV, the Heart of Liberty City is perhaps the most popular. A major reason for this is because this hidden Easter egg is located within the chest region of the Statue of Liberty City. You simply go inside and see this odd realistic representation of a heart, beating away. Some consider this to be a bleak representation of what “freedom” truly is: the beating heart of the many who must give their lives for freedom. Maybe that is just over thinking it, though.

-Follow Street Signs Instead of GPS for a More Authentic GTA Experience

Grand Theft Auto’s Liberty City is a very real city, and heavily influenced by the layout of the real world’s NYC. One thing that has bothered me the more I play GTA IV is the simple fact that I don’t really get to experience this sandbox world in a realistic kind of way. Rather, I just follow the in game GPS. If I want to make a turn while driving, I don’t even really have to look at the screen; and can effectively make turns just by staring aimlessly at the compass.

As a result, turning off the GPS can lend itself to a more realistic and authentic gaming experience. If you are playing on the PC, be sure to install a first-person mod that will allow you to even more immerse yourself into the world of Liberty City. The best aspect of this? You can read the street signs and pretty effectively navigate the city, without the use of the GPS. This simple alteration to the game allowed me to feel significantly more immersed into it’s content. The people on the streets were no longer just NPC’s I could beat up, murder, and rob; but rather just passerbys likely going on to their own personal lives.

-Drive the GTA IV Tug Boat

When I first read that I could drive a tug boat in Grand Theft Auto IV, I immediately started up my console to test this out. I’ve owned GTA IV practically since it was released, yet was never aware that something like this existed in the game. This goes to show just how massive Liberty City is!

The particular tug boat I commandeered is located between Algonquin and Colony Island. It is docked and fairly easy to locate if you follow the coast line between these two sections of the map. It’s exceptionally fun to use this boat as a pseudo battering ram, and allude the police as well!  

-The Swing Set Glitch

There is legend of a haunted swing set in Liberty City. Located at the Firefly Projects in Southeast Broker, this swing set can be used to propel your character or car sky high. Just describing this glitch with words probably will not do it justice, so be sure to check out the video below:

-Getting Busted for Pedophilia

A lot of websites in Grand Theft Auto IV are hilarious to visit. One in particular can be found at the following address (obviously, in the game, not in real life): www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com.  Little Lacy Surprise is a line of (child) lingerie that was previously advertised on a variety of GTA radio stations. Once you go on this website, you will receive a message that your IP address has been logged by the police department. Once you get off the computer, you will find that several cops will be waiting outside for you. It's at the NUCA gallery in Dukes, not too far from the first Broker Bridge off ramp. There's also a hysterical statue there that appears to be a cubist representation of a guy jerking off.

-Old GTA Game References at the Mini-Golf Course

While you unfortunately are not able to play golf in GTA IV (which seriously would have been fantastic), on the mini-golf course you can reflect on times gone by in the GTA series. You should be able to easily recognize the giant cock and farm windmill from GTA: San Andreas, as well as the Lighthouse from Vice City. This is particularly sad considering the location in Grand Theft Auto is, more or less, a replication of Coney Island, which has been closed for some time.

-Pop Your Tires

You may have stumbled upon this one on your own, either out of intrigue or if you were being chased by the police and had your tires shot out. Regardless, it is entirely possible to pop your tires without using a gun. Just hold your acceleration and brake triggers simultaneously, and watch as your tires begin to create smoke and eventually explode. It is an amusing touch of realism that really adds to the Grand Theft Auto IV experience.

-Strip Club Bouncers are Watching You

If you own Grand Theft Auto and don’t constantly have parents looking over your shoulder, you have more then likely wandered into the strip club “just to check it out.” Of course, seeing the virtual strippers his hot for many people; but more amusing to me is how the club’s bouncers react to your actions. Instead of insighting an all out firefight with the club security and police, just enter the club and begin swinging your fists around. Be sure not to hit anyone or anything. If you do this correctly, you will notice the bouncers move over towards you and just spectate your actions. Not to complex, but it certainly adds to the immersion.