Sending a 12 inch LP vinyl record album size cardboard mailer to customers, is one of the best ways to post your vinyl records safely in the mail,  and look professional.

If you buy and sell records online, especially the older LPs, you know that you need to package them properly.  You can get heavier cardboard sleeves that fit a 12 inch record perfectly.  These mailers will usually accommodate up to 3 LPs in one package, but are also perfect for sending just one.

Selling online is a great way to supplement a hobby or for making extra money, especially with collectibles, but packaging has to be considered.  This type of collectible is a great way to break into the online marketing, as it will always be consistent in its need for packaging and the postage amounts should be the same in most cases, unless you are shipping out of country.

Experience shows, that many collectors will look online to find rare or older vinyl music and their covers, and it is something that can be easily shipped.  When I sold collectibles on Ebay I found 12 Inch LP Vinyl Record Album Size Cardboard Mailerthe thinner and lighter weight items always sold quickly as the shipping costs were not too high compared to larger bulky items. 

You can try wrapping them yourself with bubble wrap and then brown paper, but you can now get record album size cardboard mailers that will fit the record and the album cover in my experience.

100 White 1-3 Vinyl 12" Record Cardboard Multi-Depth Mailers #12BC01VDWH - Shipping Boxes / Containers (LP, 33RPM, Album)

These are also a great way to store any LPs you may have that don't have their dust cover anymore.  If you sell at shows, you can neatly label them and keep them safe for any potential buyers.  These mailers are not only good for shipping but are a great way to protect your collection and store it.

Selling old vinyl records online can be a fun way to make extra money.  Lots of people still prefer this type of music.  Some will sell for as low as a few dollars and others will sometimes create a bidding war.  I once found an Old Walt Disney record that had a handful of bidders, and I had found it in a re-use center for 25 cents! 

I packaged it in a cardboard mailer designed for a 12 inch LP vinyl record album and it got there safely.

When selling LPs online, make sure you not only have a good look a the surface area for any deep scratches, but you need to listen to it yourself, on a good record player to make sure there are no skips.  If there are scratches,  you need to mention it in your ad.  You can still get quality needles for players and this will be a worthwhile investment if you want to buy and sell LPs.

Many tiny surface scratches can be cleaned off with special cleaners, you then need to protect it in a dust cover and then a cardboard mailer to keep it clean.  If you can find a complete album, with the vinyl record, dust cover and the jacket, you stand to make more money, but at the end of the day, you will only get to keep that money in your pocket,  if you put some effort into how you package and mail them.