12 Practical Keys to Success

After a thorough research on Practical steps to Success, I could summarize all as follows:

1.Get started by avoiding continuous feelings of worries about your work or personal life that may prevent you from rest or do something enjoyable, especially after you have been working for a certain period.

 2.   Change your thinking pattern. Use positive thinking as a stress deflating tool.

 3.   Develop and have a master mentality. Decide to be the best, and put in your best in whatever you do. If you put in your best It will give you the best way Of living.

 4.    Advance your course. Move forward. Try to make an attempt. Even If you are on the wrong track it will not be difficult to find the right track if you are on motion.

 5.    Create a laughter or joyous atmosphere around yourself.

 7.   Have a strong confidence in yourself. Most failures are as a result of self defeat.

 6.   Avoid procrastination. The best time to act is now! Stop the attitude of formal delaying  something that you ought to do, usually because you do not want to do it.

 8.   Have a strong feeling of respect for yourself. Desire and have a good opinion about your person. Be satisfied with your own abilities and know that you deserve to be liked or respected.

 9.   Improve on yourself or whatever you are doing. Stop using old formulae to solve new problems, it may cause complications.

 10.   Set a targeted goal. A man without a goal is devoid of the future. He does not know what the future has in stock for him. You must have something you hope to achieve in the future.

 11.         Avoid being rushed or rush. Do not allow external circumstance to determine your pace. Do your best within your pace. Work done in haste most times doesn’t produce the best result.

 12.  Blame no one or something for failure. Until you take responsibility for the failures that comes your way, you are far away from the track of success. This will make you to improve on the mistakes and think of a better means of achieving your goal.