Sometimes the main differences between an over-stressed anxiety-ridden person and a confident leader who stays focused and positive throughout the day is how they choose to start their morning.

No one is a stranger to the hasty mornings, where the snooze button is slammed one too many times and the process of waking up feels invasive and alarming to your personal sense of peace.

But, when your first moments awake are surrounded by anxiety and demands on your time, those anxieties will stay clinging to you throughout the entire day, making you less focused, far less productive, and just not really all that happy.

However, for high-profile leaders and successful entrepreneurs, these types of stressful mornings are exceptions to the norm. For them, their morning is really theirs. They take control of how they wake up and get prepared for the rest of the day with daily routines that help awaken both their mind and body, and not to mention, build up their positivity, focus, and happiness.

So, here is a compilation of the twelve best morning rituals successful leaders put into practice every day that helps kick-start their day:


Stretching, stay focused


When it comes to a positive mindset, the way your body feels will inadvertently affect how you think and approach problems. So, if your body feels achy, tense, or sore, you will tend to move less and slouch in posture. This body language translates negatively to your mind, which further affects your body, etc. etc. Taking the time to stretch and awaken your muscles will help to straighten your posture, create more body circulation helping you feel alert and focused, and slowly release built-up tension. 

Eat Breakfast

If you are someone who simply cannot function on an empty stomach, eating a well-balanced breakfast can help you to “break the fast” from the prior evening, warm up your body, and clear the brain fog that usually accompanies hunger. Be sure to focus on eating foods high in nutritional content including fruits, vegetables, whole grains (refrain from white breads), fats like avocados, oils, or coconuts, seeds, nuts, and protein. 

Listen to Comedy Skits

Laughter is a wonderful stress-reliever, helping you smile more and actually feel good about your morning; listening to comedy skits or podcasts while getting ready can adds a level of fun and joy to your morning and in a similar fashion to reading a fun book, listening to comedy skits is something you would look forward to doing every day.

Read an Enjoyable Book

For many, mornings are a chore. It means getting out of a comfortable bed and back into the everyday demands of life; but your morning joy shouldn’t end when your alarm clock goes off. Reading a fun book in the morning helps to awaken your imagination and helps you actually get excited to get up so you can find out what happens next in the story. 

Mediate, how to stay focused

Meditate for 10 minutes

Mornings can be filled with anxiety and worries for the day ahead; but taking the time to clear your mind and meditate can help you refocus your thoughts away from external demands on your time back to your body and your breathing.  Giving yourself that gift of personal time and reflection can really strengthen your patience and confidence to solve problems.

Work Up a Sweat

One guaranteed way to wake up and release the happy hormones is by moving your body with exercise.  Studies show that 30 minutes of movement through exercise helps to refocus your mind to the present moment and releases serotonin to help you feel more positive and focused throughout the day. 

Do you feel not so motivated to work out? Check out this video for some tips to help get you motivated to get up and move!

Hug it Out

Humans are social creatures that respond positively to the touch of others they love or appreciate.  In fact, being touched can actually help lessen pain, improve immune system functionality, improve pulmonary function, increase growth and development, and lower blood glucose. This will help you out significantly, especially when getting ready to conquer the world.  So make sure to hug someone you love in the morning! 

Watch Videos or Photos That Make You Smile

Like listening to comedy skits, exposing yourself to photos or videos that make you smile or give you that “awwww” effect, can significantly boost your mood and leave you feeling positive and hopeful for the remainder of the day. With greater positivity, you are less distracted and more focused on completing the job or task at hand. So be sure to watch those cute puppy videos!

Color in a Coloring Book

Do you respond positively to color? Or do you just love doodling and “letting your mind wander”? Perhaps taking 5 minutes to color in a coloring book can help you let go of your fears and enter into a more carefree mindset. Plus, you can see your coloring progress, which helps boost your sense of pride and self-esteem in your decisions.

Gratitude Journal, how to stay focused

Write in a Gratitude Journal

There is nothing quite as powerful as the gift of appreciation, and recognizing the good and blessings we receive daily. This can effectively be done by writing down the things you appreciate about your life every day in a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be a 5-pager, but just taking the time to write out 2 sentences can significantly help spark positivity and awareness into your day.

Do Body Language Exercises

Similar to stretching, adding a few body language exercises can help you feel more powerful, positive, and confident. And as mentioned previously, good body language reinforces the "wheel of good" for your entire mind and body; when your body is feeling great, your mind will feel better and razor focused, which will reinforce your body language, and so on.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep a good solid body posture that exudes great body language!

Ban the Snooze button

Are you guilty of hitting your snooze button multiple times in the morning? Despite its existence, the snooze button actually does very little to help you “get more sleep” and instead, can leave you feeling more tired and reluctant to start your day on a high note. Some tactics to help avoid hitting the snooze button is to adjust your bedtime to allow for 7.5hours of uninterrupted sleep or to set your alarm up on the other side of the room, requiring you to get up and shut it off. 

What exercises have you done to help you be more mindful and calm in the morning? Please share and comment below!