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Crossfit is one of those things you’ve probably heard of and thought, “no way, not for me”. One thing is for sure, it has a reputation. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but, regardless of what one might think personally about the sport, Crossfit is becoming the ultimate standard in fitness competition around the globe and there’s no denying, it’s here to stay. It has produced some of the most amazing athletes the world has seen and has created it’s own version of the Olympics with the highly popular Crossfit Games. Perhaps a part of you is thinking you might want to try it, or your wondering “is Crossfit right for me?” A lot of people are on the fence when it comes to this daunting fitness regime, but in this Crossfit review, you will read 12 great reasons why you should try Crossfit.

12 Reasons You Should Be Doing Crossfit

1. Crossfit will turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We all have them. Those move or lifts at the gym that we avoid because we know we suck at them. Or maybe you’re just too afraid to find out how bad you might be? Well in Crossfit, you have no choice. You tackle those demons face on and challenge yourself to reach beyond your current abilities to push through those boundaries. Before your know it, those 2 push ups that you hated even trying, have turned into 10 push ups that are you are proud to pump out. This conversion of strength also takes place in the brain when you convert your thought process from negative thoughts of inability to powerful thoughts of determination and focus.

2. Crossfit is like having a personal trainer at every workout.

One of the greatest parts of working out in a Crossfit gym is that the coaches are always there. Every single class is lead by at least 1 if not 2-3 highly trained and Crossfit coaches who help guide everyone through the workout. Coaches pay special attention to proper form and lifting techniques when lifting heavy weights, making sure we are moving efficiently, effectively and safely. Having Crossfit coaches right there also motivates us to push through and finish every rep with intention and accountability. 

3. Crossfit will make you appreciate working out with other people.

There is something to be said for having an amazing group of motivational people there with you when you’re trying to hammer out 5 rounds of 20 burpees + 20 pull-ups. Absolutely nothing compares to the feeling you get when surrounded by a community that supports and encourages each other with out judgment or negativity.  Every Crossfit community is like a family and athletes bond and establish a certain family like feeling. There is an energy that fills every Crossfit box and it drives all of the athletes to perform better. How many friends do you make when you’re sitting on a bench doing curls by yourself? Exactly.

4. Crossfit will make you a better athlete.

Yes, YOU. You ARE an athlete. We often picture “athletes” as overly determined, competitive and driven people who don’t like to lose. Well, sometimes that is the case – but whether you believe it or not, those qualities are in all of us and in the end, we all want to succeed at mastering our fitness abilities. The real core being of an athlete is not around competition, but around personal development and success. That success is different for everyone. You will start to build up your Crossfit endurance quickly since the workouts condition your body with cross-functional movement and dynamic conditioning every day. This in turn, prepares your body for other activities and sports and will make you a tour de force when it comes those weekend hikes and sports games with friends. Your friends will ALWAYS want you on their team.

5. Cossfit will make you LEARN.

Learn what? So much about yourself and your abilities, it will blow your current idea of what “fit” means, out the window. Crossfit utilizes basic functional movements that make you stronger overall through a variety of movements that include pull-ups, push-ups, ring dips, rowing, kettle bell swings and even gymnastics movements like handstands on muscle ups.


6. Crossfit won’t kill you.

Isn’t that reason enough? Ok maybe not convincing for you. But if you’re reading this article, chances are your wondering if Crossfit is right for you. Well, the only way you will know is by trying. You already know it’s not going to be easy. What you may not know is nothing that’s worth achieving in life, is going to be easy to reach. You must put yourself out there and be brave. Don’t give up. So get up and go hit  that Crossfit WOD today!

7. Crossfit will extend your life

The benefits of Crossfit are measurable in various ways when it comes to tangible real data. You can easily score your workouts based on weight and with regular, repeated practice, you can literally watch the numbers go through the roof. You may not always feel like your stronger, but the numbers will prove you wrong, and may just surprise you. What might also surprise you is how much this work benefits our internal systems that we don’t generally “measure”. All of our metabolic systems, nervous systems and endocrine systems benefit from Crossfits dynamic training

8. Crossfit will make you lean and strong - Not a bulky meathead.

One of the absolute best things about Crossfit’s WOD programming is that it mixes functional movements with strength, agility, endurance and dynamic activity. Crossfit promotes functional movements which help us move more efficiently and ultimately prevent injury. By using your own body weight in movements such as pull ups, rope climbs, push ups, air squats your muscle growth evolves at a balanced pace and your strength gains will be evenly distributed. Coupled with a balanced program of heavy Olympic lifting such as snatches, cleans, jerks, dead lifts and squats, you get the ultimate all over body work out. This means no giant bulky arms and undertrained chicken legs.

9. Crossfit will teach you what it means to be Mentally Tough

We all know a physical challenge when we come across one. What we don’t always know is that half the challenge is actually mental. When you push yourself to those new limits we push through mental boundaries that we don’t even know we have, and those break through are what give us the ability to press on and test our true mental and physical strengths time and time again. Pushing through that tough work out releases chemicals in the brain that actually tell your body that something is changing-something is trying to grow, something is try to repair and you are the only one in control of that. Overtime you become mentally capable of conquering anything.

10. Crossfit will make you a btter, stronger person

All of these things combined come together in this beautiful stew of life to make       you stronger, more focused and more confident all around. The power of Crossfit is not just in the strength it gives you physically, but mentally it prepares you for so many other things in life. Having inner strength and focus is just as important as physical strength and crossfit allows these to grow harmoniously together. You may finish a workout swearing and hardly able to walk, but you will immediately start to feel stronger, more aware of your body and way more focused.

 11. If you can Crossfit, you can do anything.

It’s true, Crossfit will push you to your limits – and that is how we as human beings become more capable of facing life’s challenges and hiccups and come out ahead.  Things don’t get easier, until they are harder. Crossfit will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride that will help fuel so many other channels in your life. 

12. You will thoroughly enjoy bragging to all your friends that your snatch is the best it’s ever been.

12 reasons to start crossfit
Credit: John Heil