I love the beach, the sea, the ocean and the sand, so beach cottage decorating is something that really appeals to me. Let me say here, that you don't have to live in an area overlooking in the sea to be able to decorate in this way.

You could be in the countryside somewhere. There are no rules that say you have to decorate in a certain way, according to your address. This kind of light, airy feeling that beach cottage decor has on one, often makes you feel inspired and chilled out at the same time.

What to Look for

We are looking at white with splashes of bold color. Pastels and natural tones are also something you see a lot with beach decor.

Before you get going, you have to know what you want - it could be something really elegant, but on the other hand, you may just want to settle for a rustic surf shack. Both can turn out to be quite special, but you may have to put a couple more dollars into something that is more posh.

In saying that, if you brush up on a couple of your DIY skills, and get those creative juices flowing, you will have something quite unique.

Ideas Ideas Ideas!!!

  • Start with a coat of paint. White may be your first choice, but you could also go for one of the other common beach cottage paint colors, namely pastels. Obviously this would depend on what else you have in the room. This is why it is best to plan around a central point in the room. You may have a brightly colored coffee table, and you will lose the look, if you do the same on the walls.

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/jade95_2010/media/DECOR%20and%20DESIGN%20I%20LIKE/500_beach_house.jpg

If you find that the white paint on the walls is too bleek, then you could add a section of wall paper to break it up.

  • Everyone knows that white is not a color that is easy to maintain. Think about kids and pets running in and out the living room. Adults are not that much better with their red wine. What you need to start with is a slip cover for your sofas.
sofa slip cover

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kerryanndame/6907267577

Get two of these because they will save you a lot of money, time and panic. While the one is in the wash, simply attach the other one on. These are easy enough to learn to make, and not expensive to buy.

  • Next on the agenda is the curtains and blinds. You will probably be looking for curtains that are light in tone. These will also get dirty quickly. It can look good with a bamboo blind pulled down in front of the window, leaving the curtains on either side - another cheap project.
  • Of course, you don't have to add in the curtains. There are lots of different designs and styles of blinds that can be used on their own. For example, roman blinds are perfect with this type of decorating.
  • Do you enjoy arts and crafts? It will come to good use here. How about wall art, using canvas boards and stenciling on words or using fabric to surround them. Remember your color scheme as you go along. This is a nice thing to do in the bedroom and bathroom as well. It is also a fun project.
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  • Make a mirror - This is another easy peazy project that won't cost you an arm and a leg, and you can do a lot of things to bring some character into your home. Get yourself a bunch of shells and surround the edge of the mirror with that. You can also stick to certain theme, like vintage and do something in that style.
  • Head off to garage sales and second hand stores for good furniture that you don't already have. You can find some good things, such as tables and chairs that you might want to put in your kitchen. For the beach cottage design to come to life here, simply get yourself a couple of tins of paint in the appropriate colors and start painting. You could also get acquainted with various painting techniques.painted furniture

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/bellabeach2009/media/bella%20beach/seastone%20cottage/SeaStone_Cottage-7.jpg

  • For the bedroom, it is nice to add character and charm by introducing a range of colors. You can do this with a lot of pillows and bedding in an array of pastel tones.
  • For people who do live in a beach cottage house near the sea, an outdoor shower can be both pleasing to the eye as well as functional. There is nothing better than this in the heat of summer. In addition to this, you don't have to drag all of that sand and salt water into your lovely beach cottage.
  • Go online to places like eBay and have a look at Craiglist as well where you will be able to find a lot of affordable deals. You can pick up very nice lamps, art work, and other accessories that you would pay a lot more for at the well known chain stores.
  • For the rustic beach cottage style, brush up on your painting techniques, so you don't have to go out and buy overpriced furniture. You can also probably find things like shutters, which are perfect for this. Stick this somewhere on the wall and you can even decorate it with photographs, for example.
natural decor

photo credit: photobucket.com/user/TiffanyAnnd/media/GuestBedroom0005.jpg

  • Use natural accessories like driftwood, sand, nice sea shells and corals, which you might find at the beach.
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