Energy is becoming very expensive, it is easy to realize that when we see how much we need to pay for electricity these days.

Electricity is still something we cannot live without but there are many ways we can save on the electricity bill and use the money on something else.

1.You can do an energy audit on your house and you will know exactly how much you use energy and when you use it.The audit will also tell if there is any wastage and where it lies.

The audit will also allow you to make a special energy savings plan and pinpoint exactly how much electricity you can save.In some cases all you need to do in order to save electricity is to turn off your TV instead of having it on stand by all the time.

2.Another way to save on your electricity bill is to resetting the thermostat.By lowering it about ten degrees during the night (for around 8 hours per day) you can save around 10% on your electricity bill without even noticing a difference.

3.Check the insulation in your house and increase the attic insulation if needed.If you increase the attic insulation to around 15 inches you can save 20% on your electricity bill.

4.If you have a garden around your house you can plant more trees.This will insulate the house in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

5.Check all fuses and appliances for electricity leakage.

6.Use energy efficient light bulbs instead of ordinary ones, because they use 75% less energy and have a longer life.They cost more when you buy them but you will save money on your electricity bill.

7.There are energy efficient appliances on the market these days, like refrigerators that use less electricity than a ordinary light bulb.You can recognize these energy star qualified products by the special energy star label on them.

8.Turn off and shut down all electrical appliances if you are away from home for a longer time and set the refrigerator thermostat to the lowest setting.

9.Switch to a water-saving shower head and you can save at least $200 per year on water heating costs.

10.Always switch off lights when leaving a room.

11.Be sure to clean the filters in air conditioners and heaters so they are free of dust.

12.Switch off electric appliances like your freezer when it is not in use.

You can really save a lot of money per year if you live an energy efficient lifestyle.Small contributions can really add up to hundreds of dollars per year that you can use for something else.