Google AdSense ads are defiantly the most popular option for website owners and Bloggers to make money from their online work. The user friendly way AdSense ads can be added to your site is one of the things that makes them so popular, but there is much more that AdSense offers that its competitors just can compete with. The secret formula used by AdSense to target ads at the users of your site is a huge selling point, from dogs to donkeys Google AdSense can generate ads on the subject and display them to your readers. Of course Google AdSense have without a doubt the highest paying click rates available. The only site that has even been able to hang on to the coat tails of AdSense is Bidvertiser but even they have become only an option used by people who were rejected by AdSense or Banned by Adsense.

But once you take an interest in making money from Google AdSense and decide to use their ads on your blog or website content you will most likely try to do some research on how the whole thing works and getting the most from the ads displayed on your content. Often upon performing a search for "AdSense tips" or "Using AdSense" what you are faced with is a list of articles with two completely different angles on the subject.

Adsense LogoFirst you will find the guys that are going to make you a millionaire by using or rather buying their AdSense secrets Ebooks or courses. Second you will find articles from disgruntled users who have had their AdSense accounts blocked or closed and all earnings forfeited.

Can the guys selling the secret formulas actually make you rich from AdSense ?

If you listen closely you can hear me making the worlds biggest sigh! If the system was that great they would be retired with the millions they made from it not trying to pawn it off to you for $20.

Why are AdSense accounts getting blocked and shut down ?

Now that's a much more interesting question, you see when AdSense shut down your account and leave blank spaces on your sites were their once was ads they don't actually have to tell you why or explain themselves in any way. But the majority of cases are simple, people thought they could cheat the system and deliberately broke the AdSense T.O.S., but its always hard to be rejected with no explanation.

So lets look at the best ways to increase you AdSense earnings within the bounds of the AdSense T.O.S. and also look at some of the ways to make sure your not the next disgruntled AdSense reject writing an article about how unfair those bad people at Google are.

The Six AdSense Do's

Make More From AdsenseDisplay Your AdSense Ads Above The Fold - Above the fold is basically the area of your page that can be seen as soon as someone lands on your site, the area they can see without having to scroll. Most people browsing the Internet want instant results and if they land on your site and its not to their liking the will move on without giving it a second glance, if they are going to leave they may as well leave via one of your ads and generate some cash for you in the process. On an off note i also think it it vital to have your subscription options like Rss links above the fold, if the browser wants to move on they may subscribe and come back later.

Use the best AdSense units - According to AdSense and the people who spent lots of time tracking their AdSense stats the rectangle and large rectangle units are the best performing ads.

Remove low paying AdSense ads - I recently wrote an article here that covered how you can use the competitive ad filter to block low paying AdSense ads.

Integrate ads with your content - Some people think that using ad units that are loud and stick out will help get clicks but that couldn't be further from the truth.If your blog or website uses a green background then use a green background for your ads, if the titles on your blog or website are black then use black titles for your AdSense units. I have found that setting the URLs of the ad units to blue is the most effective as most links on the web are blue by default.

Track your ads - This may not be something you will want to do right off the bat but you can use ad filters and channels to track which ads are generating the most clicks, so don't be afraid to experiment with the positioning of your ads. You can also connect your AdSense account with your Google analytics account and look deeper into the performance of your AdSense.

Have at least one unit display text ads only - This is one of my own preferences, when you create an AdSense unit the default setting is for that unit to display both text and image ads. Publishers have made the case for both and i feel the nature of your site can determine what type ads whether text or image work best. Have you ever been on one of your pages and all three AdSense units are showing the same image ad? I have seen this quiet often, and if the user doesn't click the first ad they are not going to click the second ad for the very same product, for that reason I always have one unit set for text ads only so im guaranteed to have ads for different products on my blog.

So that's a few legal tips that I defiantly think will help you increase those AdSense earnings, lets look at a few things that will fast track you to that awful "Your account has been blocked" email, and we will start with the most obvious one.

The Six AdSense Don'ts

AdSense DontsNever ever click your own ads - They know you I.P. and they know its you just don't do it.

Never ask someone to click your ads - Yes even if you're in London and your friend is in Australia don't ask them to click your ads. AdSense is an absolute licence to print money for Google and if they even smell something odd with a few clicks on your site you will know about it.

Never place anything near your ads that would invite a click - Some people, lets call them the dumba*s crew, have placed images and text around the ads inviting people to click them and this is a sure way to get banned. Examples would be to place the word 'Menu' beside or above an ad unit or AdSense link unit thus trying to make a user think the links are leading to areas within the site. You often see sites with the text of a blog post wrapped around an AdSense unit, this is OK as long as there is nothing there that would miss lead someone into clicking. Also try to keep your own images away from your AdSense units as this can be seen trying to fool people into thinking the image in an AdSense unit is part of a gallery of images.

Don't change the AdSense code - Do not make any changes to AdSense code in any way, basically you are not allowed to add anything to, or remove anything from the code you generate in your AdSense account. Sometimes there is a need to parse AdSense code for it to display within websites and blogs, I have to do this for blogger and that is pretty much the only change accepted.

AdSense requires you to have a privacy policy - One of the terms set in the AdSense T.O.S is the requirement for all sites using their ads to have a Privacy Policy page. I have previously covered how to get an AdSense privacy policy for your site in 2 clicks.

2 more that deserve a mention - Don't submit a site containing AdSense to traffic exchanges for example Traffic Swarm or Smiley Traffic it is against the AdSense T.O.S. - Don't use AdSense ads on adult sites or sites of an adult nature.

If you have any specific questions you can drop a comment below or look for help in the Official Google AdSense Forum.

Remember you can use all these steps, but if your site is not getting traffic there will be no one there to click the ads so work on building a quality website or blog and you will see the earnings quickly grow.

What tips have you used to increase your AdSense earnings ?