Fun Wreaths for Christmas

Christmas Wreaths are a holiday tradition that many believe dates back to ancient Rome. Romans used to hang decorative wreaths on their front door to celebrate a victory. They were also used by many to welcome in the Winter Solstice in anticipation of the coming Spring. The pre-Christian era Germanic people enjoyed gathering evergreen branches and lighting fires during the dark winter as a sign of hope. The ancient Greeks also fashioned laurel wreaths to use as crowns when showcasing their winning athletes during Olympic Games.

Today, wreaths for Christmas are one of the most popular holiday decorations. They’re hung on the front door to welcome guests, used in Christmas displays, or on light posts to brighten city streets. They are often given away as Christmas gifts.

Wreaths are certainly a popular way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Since a circle has no beginning and no end, their shape symbolizes immortality and the hope for eternal life, but when you go beyond traditional tree branches and reach for the unusual, modern-day creativity can turn ancient customs on their head. Here are 12 unusual Christmas wreaths that are sure to make you smile.

12. Crocheted Christmas Wreath

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Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive. They can be made from materials you already have lying around the house. If you’re passionate about crafts and know how to crochet, you can show off your talents by using scraps of red and green yarn to make the foundational form for a great holiday wreath. Just work a ruffle over a wire clothes hanger and then decorate it as you would any other wreath for Christmas.

11. White Button Wreath

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For those who enjoy sewing, or if you just have a whole lot of extra buttons lying around, this holiday wreath makes an economical yet unusual presentation. For a heightened Christmas look, spray paint your buttons in red and green. You could even use this easy wreath as the foundational form for additional Christmas decorations such as bells, tiny presents, Santa figurines, or toy-sized Christmas ornaments.

10. Wreath With Various Santa Figures

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If you want to encourage your kids to exercise, participate in sports, or read, this is a great way to get them excited about various activities. Simply make Santa paper dolls doing that activity, and your kids are bound to follow. If they’re too old for Santa, use someone they look up to and respect.

9. Wreath of Christmas Balls

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If your Christmas box of ornaments is becoming overstuffed, here’s a nice way to safeguard all of those prior holiday memories. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep grandma’s vintage Christmas decorations safe or just weed out some of your more outdated treasures, this unusual holiday creation will give those ornaments a new face-lift.

8. Diaper Wreath

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For those who are lucky enough to herald in a little one on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, this unusual wreath is a sure bet. It would brighten up any hospital room or make a wonderful welcome home display. Reserving pink and blue for babies is no longer the norm. Deck it out with cute little red booties, a red winter cap, and tons of baby accessories such as a rattle, pacifier and other holiday trinkets.

7. Starbucks Coffee Cups Wreath

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For those who are obsessed with Starbucks coffee, this brilliant holiday wreath will certainly bring a lot of joy. Even if you’re not particularly fond of Starbucks, the pure ingeniousness of this wreath is likely to produce a smile. The same thing could be done with all of those fountain drink glasses you’ve collected over the past year.

6. Cell Phone Wreath

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Don’t know what to do with all of those old cell phones? Simply put them to work for you in a fantastic holiday display. With ancient tradition as the foundation and a few Christmas touches such as a large red bow, some garland, mistletoe, and perhaps some glitter to kick it up a notch, you’ll be able to bring eternal life to your old possessions you don’t have the heart to throw out.

5. V8 Juice Wreath

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For those in love with V8 juice, or those who just want a healthy decorative wreath that goes beyond candy and cake, this catchy display is sure to be exactly what you’re looking for. V8 not your passion? Simply switch the empty V8 cans to something that is. With paper cutouts and tissue paper that matches your party theme or living room decorations, this wreath for Christmas will really stand out.

4. Wheel Spoke Wreath

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This special Christmas wreath borrows the circular construction, but opens up the idea to radiate your Christmas celebration with light. You can do exactly the same thing on a much smaller scale with a bicycle or tricycle tire. Cover the outside rim with green branches or garland and string lights down the spokes for an unusual light display that’s sure to radiate the Christmas spirit into the hearts of all it shines upon.

3. Candy Bar Wreath

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Wondering what to do with all of that leftover Halloween candy? Do you have a gluten-free or dairy-free child who ended up with a ton of candy they cannot eat? Here’s the answer. Simply turn all of that sweetness into a fantastic Holiday wreath. With a few touches of curling ribbon, a smashing bow, and a haphazard style, Halloween candy has never looked better.

2. Beer Can Wreath

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For the beer drinker on your Christmas list, this will absolutely be their favorite holiday decoration. Although the idea seems simple, this isn’t as easy to make as it looks. It takes a whole lot of glue and tons of patience because you can’t glue too many cans together at the same time. If you’re not a beer drinker, that’s okay. You could do the same thing with soda cans. Someone passionate about Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke would go absolutely crazy for a wreath like this.

Don’t want to mess with empty cans? The Beer drinker on your list would also love it if you simply hot glue a few dozen beer tabs to a traditional leafy wreath form and scatter in a variety of additional Christmas decorations.

1. Wreath Made of Cupcakes
Wreath Made of CupcakesCredit:

You obviously can’t hang this one, but this edible Christmas wreath would make a great centerpiece for a company or kids’ Christmas party. The cupcakes are frosted green and then simply arranged on a platter in the shape of a wreath. Holly leaves and berries made of frosting are then carefully placed on top. The individual cakes can be eaten throughout the party. Make them the prize for your award-winning party games, and your guests won’t want to just sit on the side-lines.