The 12 volt cooler is an ideal portable food and beverage storage solution for people on the move. Its 12 volt connection is specifically built to work in a car and can be easily plugged into the lighter socket. The cooler offers refrigeration capabilities of over 40°F below ambient temperature and keeps your food and drinks cold for a long time. Many 12V coolers come with a dual capacity and can be used to keep refreshments warm as well.

12 Volt Coolers - Superior Features for Reliable Performance

The 12V cooler brings the temperature down by distributing the cooler air created by the thermoelectric plate with a fan ducted into the device's inner compartment. Advanced models like the new Engel MT17 come with a compact powerful AC/DC freezer that is capable of freezing almost anything quickly. These coolers have an efficient compressor, built in digital thermometer, upgraded stainless hinges, convenient carry handles and optional locking hasp. Used by boater, campers, ambulance and fire rescue teams, nurses and biologists, this 12V cooler model uses 12/24V DC or 110V AC.

Another useful 12V cooler is the Engel EMS. It is a constant temperature, 14-quart fridge-freezer designed specifically for saline storage for therapeutic hypothermic induction. The new F" series compressor ensures improved efficiency, durability and quiet performance.

The Centigrade Range Roller 20 Can Cooler, another popular model, has an advanced thermoelectric engine and superior insulation to ensure unsurpassed performance. It comes with an extra tall luggage rack handle, large all-terrain dual wheels and a heavy-duty mildew resistant cloth exterior.

Koolatron offers a 12V thermoelectric cooler/warmer with a unique domed lid to provide maximum space for larger bottles. Weighing just 19 pounds, this cooler is ideal for long trips, large families and tailgate parties.

Igloo, RoadPro, Tracker and Wagan are other popular brands of 12V coolers.

Shop Online for the Best Deals

When buying a 12 volt cooler, the best option would be to browse in stores specializing in 12 volt appliances, as they offer a wide choice from leading brands. You can compare prices and go for the model that best suits your needs. Online stores offer excellent discounts as well as efficient customer service.