Look Slimmer Without Dieting

  • Avoid horizontal lines

Horizontal lines will make you look wider than what you truly are so avoid them. Try vertical lines to make you look slimmer and taller.

  • Use accessories

An accessory can help in adding or taking away in your look. If you want to take attention away from one area, wearing a bold accessory will help take ones eye to that place or the accessory. Wearing a wide belt on top of a top or dress can add in making you look slimmer as well.

  • Wear clothes that fit you

This is very important. You must be honest with yourself about your size no matter what size you are. Squeezing into clothes that are too small will only make you look bigger. With that said wearing clothes that are too baggy or loose can have the same effect. So trying on cloth and making sure you are comfortable in them can help.

  • Wear dark colors

Black, navy and grey should be your best friends, but this does not mean you cannot wear colors. Your base color should be a dark color meaning where black, navy or grey in an area where you want to appear to be slimmer it can be your top or bottom. You can add color in the area that you want to bring attention to.

  • High heels

High heels will help in making your legs look slimmer and longer and they also help in shaping your legs.

  • Be Cautious of Patterns

To appear slimmer one can still wear pattern you just have to be careful with how large they are and where they are placed. Wearing smaller prints or a solid dress or top with maybe one print or pattern on it can be safe.

  • Layer with a Jacket or Vest

To hide love handles or to change the look of a top a jacket or vest will work. Some jackets and vest can also aid in pulling you in some depending on they fit. Although, a loose opened vest or jacket is always a safe choice because it can hide bulges.

  • Medium-large bag

A small bag will not be in proportion to your body. It is one thing to carry a clutch and another to have a small purse.

  • Disguise

If you want your stomach to appear flatter where a top that isn’t tight in that area, wear something that flows over it. Wear lose sleeves, even lose bell or quarter length sleeves to make arms look slimmer and for your legs and thigh darker tights and panty hose or something loose that flows over it but comes above the knee.

  •  Right Undergarments

Sometimes the sexier bras and panties may not work in appearing to look slimmer. If you want to make your chest seem smaller make sure you wear the right fit or try bras that minimize the chest. Investing time and money in your bras will help in the long run. Also seamless panties or panties with support can help in pulling in your stomach.

  • The Right Jeans and Pants

When selecting jeans or any bottoms avoid pleats and stick with a smooth front. Be cautious of how high or low the rise in the jeans are. If you where a low-rise that’s to low it can create a muffin top, but if it is too high you can seem to have a “kangaroo pouch” so trying jeans on first and finding the fit that’s for you is essential.

  • Be Confident