The wedding proposal is perhaps one of the most exciting moments in one's romantic relationship. For the proposer the pressure is on and there is lots of nervousness and anxiety waiting to hear the magic word "Yes." For the one being proposed to the shock and excitement can be almost overwhelming but if they say yes, well it is one of most beautiful moments for those who believe in true love. 

Getting down on one knee and asking her (or him) to marry you with a ring in hand is a timeless classic . But these five wedding proposals are some of the most over the top and creative proposals you'll ever see...and they all end happily with an engagement. Don't worry, the pressure isn't on too much to do one better than these creative proposers; it's the thought that counts. Maybe you'll even get some ideas for your own time to pop the question!

Internet Meme Proposal

This first video on our list takes our obsession with cheesy internet memes and turns it into a romantic, creative, and funny marriage proposal. Sure it does not have some of the over the top planning as the other proposals on our list but you have to give the guy credit for picking up some of the past few years' most well known internet memes and turning it into a funny proposal. Imagine if she didn't get the humor of the memes. The mixing of internet humor with a classic dinner proposal is awesome!

Fast Lane Questions

Now this next wedding proposal is creative. Not in an artistic sense but in a "popping the question" sense at 60 mph. Some guys rent banner planes to publically ask the question, this guy coordinated two speeding vehicles with great timing for a perfect end result. Imagine how many other wedding hopefuls saw this and then realized it wasn't for them...awkward.

Disney Dream Proposal

This next creative wedding proposal takes dance, music, and the childhood classic of Disney and combines them into an unforgettable and fun wedding proposal. It's like musical meets marriage. And this isn't just some half done Disney theme, this is in Disneyland complete with singers and dancers.

Marry Me on Ice

The ice skating, the crowd, the mascots and cartoon characters make this an instant classic as a top creative wedding proposal. But what makes it even more special is how the proposer really shows the crowd he's in love and knows his lover well. The cute nicknames translated into real life characters add extra cuteness and creativity points for this guy. Not to mention it's on location where they had their first date!

Who would take down this graffiti?

This one takes the cake as being one of the most creative and most fun wedding proposals ever. Why? Some guys (or girls) just hold up signs, banners, or use jumbo screens to get the message across. Or their vehicles as the high speed proposal video above showed. But this guy takes the couple's favorite game and turns it into a piece of graffiti artwork for all to see. Not only did he commission a graffiti artist to make it look awesome and slick, he also added an interactive touch to it, watch to find out how!

There are thousands of videos online showing some awesomely creative wedding proposal ideas but these five are some of the best out there. These proposers made an offer their lover couldn't refuse and did so in a way that makes dinner, flowers, and getting down on one knee seem old fashioned. But remember, it's the thought that counts and the meaning that's important. As you come up with your own creative and fun wedding proposal ideas, combine elements of surprise, public viewing, and for even more awesomeness, a touch of personalization that shows the world you really know what your lover is into. 

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