We always hear stories about older people who regret the things they didn't have courage to do in life. Most people regret what was not done; we learn with our mistakes and seems like with time we tend to look at missteps in a more forgiving way.

If you had one week to live, is there any particular thing you would like to do in your life? What are the things you have already done that make you smile when you look back? Today I was cleaning some files and found a list from 2 years ago of things I've already done in my life. Most of them are silly and not-so-wise things, but I haven't regretted any of them yet!

12 things I've done in my life with no regretsCredit: sky-today.comCredit: sky-today.com

Here we go:

1. Pretend I was a tour guide and go for a tour in a fancy hotel;
2. Walk in the rain without an umbrella really slowly, smiling at people on the streets;
3. Spend money that I didn't have in past life regression;
4. Start baking a cake and leave the house alone to go "really quick" to the supermarket;
5. Call home late night in the middle of a melt down just to ask my mom if she loves me;
6. Go to an ethnic restaurant and order a dish I didn't know without reading the description, just for the sake of being surprised;
7. Say good morning really loud to a moody person in a bus stop;
8. Go to Philly by bus with friends and spend the entire weekend eating fast food and sleeping in a hostel;
9. Fly to Europe by myself for the weekend with no plans or reservations;
10. Hang a big banner on the street with a love message on Valentine's day for someone special;
11. Open a business just because "I had a dream", without doing any research;
12. Get a free hug from any dude who holds a "free hug" sign in the street.

.. and I would do most of them again without blinking.

Life is about being happy. Most of the time we don't even know where we are going, so enjoying the ride is a must. And one day, when we look back, maybe the big accomplishments that looked so important at some point will not count as the best thing we've done in life. The small gestures, the daily life, the way you felt and feel... these things will be always with you.

How are you living your life?