Suresh Kalmadi receiving the SAG flag
Credit: Times of India

Venue of South Asian games in 2012:  Delhi, India
Participating countries: 8  countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)
Athletes participating: TBA
Events: TBA
Opening ceremony: TBA
Closing ceremony: TBA
Officially opened by: TBA
Stadium: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium


Update- The date for the games have been postponed to February 13th, 2013. This was decided at the official meeting of IOA held on 16, 2011. The reason sighted for this are the 2012 London Olympics games. The Olympics were to be held just two months before the South Asian Games and due to this, the athletes expressed their inability to perform in the SA games.

After Bhutan expressed its inability to host the 2012 South Asian Games (officially called the XII  South Asian Games) due to lack of infrastructure, going by the  rotation  system the chance for  hosting the event has gone to India.  The  three representatives  from India accepted the offer to host the event in the infrastructure developed for the 2010 Commonwealth games.

This decision was taken in the 41st South Asian Olympic Council meeting which took place in Dhaka. Here Bhutan expressed its inbility to host the event and the opportunity was given to India which was next in the queue to host the event.

With this India has become the second country to hold the games thrice after Bangladesh. India hosted the games in Kolkata in 1987 and in Chennai in 1995. This will be the first time that the games are held in Delhi.

After the end of the 11th South Asian Games on February 19th 2010, ex-Olympics Association president of India, Suresh Kalmadi officially received the SAG flag for hosting the games in India. Presently the Olympics Association is headed by BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra.

India stands to gain highly from this opportunity considering that fact that the huge sports infrastructure lying idle after the 2010 Common Wealth Games in Delhi will now be again utilised. Commonwealth games were held from October 3 to 14, 2010. The total expenditure for the event has been estimated to be only about 50-60 crores which however might go up a bit like the Commonwealth games. While the Indian Olympics Association does not have this kind of money but the Government of Delhi is willing to help if the finances of the event are handled by the Finance Ministry, Government of India. This step is obviously to avoid any other embarrassment after the one Government of Delhi had to face due to the reports of scam in the2010 Commonwealth games.

In the 11th South Asian games Indian athletes gave outstanding performance with India winning 175 medals out of which 90 were Gold.

Every year in these games at least 10 new games are played some of which are Athletics, Swimming, Field Hockey, Football, Volleyball Boxing and other smaller team sports. However, due t lack of sporting environment in these countries these games are never of world level and do not attract much attention.