1.Use Free Softwares
There are huge number of softwares which are available on the net.
There are alternatives for almost every major commercial softwares.
If you are unable to afford to buy then use free softwares instead of pirated softwares.
When you can use the freeware there will be  no need for you to buy any commercial software if your need gets addressed.
Hence you can save a lot of money.   

2.Upgrade First
If you want to replace your old computer with new one first give a thought to upgrade.
I've seen many people who bought a new computer when their old PC became very slow.
Instead try to increase RAM/Graphics card and clean up the unwanted softwares from your system.
Now check your system performance. If you are not satisfied then go for your new PC.
You can save in this area.

3.SMS Chat Rooms
Instead of calling your friends over mobile, you can use the Chat facility provided by many providers.
Yahoo chat, Google Chat & Facebook chat will always allow you to contact with your friends and at the same time you can cut down your mobile bill.

4.Video Conference
If you have to attend any conference, first check if Video Conference facility is supported at your end and at the receiver's end. If the support is available you can use Video Conference which looks very professional and at the same will also save lot of time and money spent in travelling.

5.Use Internet
When you want to get some information 1st preference is google. Google is almost everything.
There are people who directly walk in to libraries and search for manually.
This is advisable only when the relevant information is not available on the google.

6.Scan & Mails
When there is possibility to send online, scan files and send them in mails.
This will definitely save the courier and postage charges.

7.Integrated Motherboards
When you are buying a PC, check the latest motherboards which are integrated with LAN Cards/Audio/Graphic/Modem.
This will save lot of cost on the additional products mentioned above.

8.Refill Catridge
If your cartridge is used up, refill the cartridge instead of buying a new one.

9.Power Management Tools
There are a lot of power management tools available in our PC.
This will save the electricity cost.

10.Print in Low Resolution
Whenever you are taking any printouts set to low resolution and then take print outs.
This will save toner and the cartridge ink.

11. Always Print Preview
Before taking any printouts always print preview first. This action will save a lot of paper in case of any changes are to be made.

12.Print on Both Sides
Make use of paper by printing on both the sides.

13.Update the Antivirus Softwares
Always update the antivirus softwares to protect your PC , rather than keeping it unsecure and getting damaged with Virus and Trojans and other malicious softwares.

Remember friends.

Saving Money is almost equivalent to Earning Money