I am a huge fan of free ebooks. I have written several articles documenting the various free ebooks available online, but have come to realize that the majority of those mentioned are just literary classics in the public domain. While those books are fantastic in their own right, they are not very modern; and do not provide much in terms of contemporary reading. On the topic of health, fitness, and exercise I began to wonder how free ebooks could help people in so many ways with meeting their health and fitness related goals.

While these books may not provide all of the answers to your health and exercise related questions, they are certainly an excellent start; and less expensive then the many books and videos you could be purchasing on the same topics. Take a look at a few of these books, and let me know how you like (or dislike) them in the comment section!

1. 10 Things You Must Do to Get a GREAT Body

A simple book dedicated to teaching people how to become healthy and get a great body. This is not a very long read, but it provides an excellent overview that I view as a prologue to the many more in depth reads to come in this list. If you want to know 10 (simple) things you must do to get a great body, be sure to download this free ebook today.

2. 101 Everyday Tips to Lose Weight EASY

This book provides a lot of insight into weight loss, and in some ways makes losing weight a bit easier then it often is viewed as by people. The focus of this ebook is on everyday things you can do to lose weight, such as cutting back on snacks. Not an awe inspiring read, but certainly very useful for anyone looking to lose extra weight.

3. 4 Great Fat Loss Secrets

An extremely simple book with good information on burning fat from your body. These secrets are sure to help you out as you diet and work towards a better body.

4. 5-Minute Betters Abs Workout Program

Who doesn't want better abdominal muscles? 5-Minute ab workout routines are excellent ways to burn some extra fat and build your ab muscles, without requiring much in the way of additional (and expensive) exercise tools. The workouts highlighted in this ebook are great because they can be done by people of all fitness skill levels.

5. 7 Secrets to Permanent Fat Loss and Fitness

Like so many ebooks, this book claims to have the secrets to fat loss and getting healthy. While I did not find this ebook to "really" have secrets, the information provided is great to teaching people who are looking to lose weight just how to do it! If your goal is permanent fat loss, then pick this book up soon.

6. Laughteryoga Club New York

While this is partially an advertisement for a yoga club in New York City, it moreover proves to be a very beneficial resource for individuals interested in practicing yoga. It contains a variety of yoga exercises, and is sure to help you get starting on your spiritual and physical journey.

7. Martial Arts Mastery

As a goal, I want to throw in some martial arts into this mix; as quite honestly most exercise routines can be relatively boring. Martial Arts Mastery ebook great for teaching you the basics of martial arts, which double as some intense exercises as well. For a free ebook, this is great!

8. Running

The content of this book is not as simple as the book title for sure. The ebook titled Running is a great resource to learn about...well...running. Not just that, but how to run, how to control your running, how to breath properly when running long distances, and other related things. An excellent book with a lot too offer.

9. The Truth About Weight Loss for Teenagers

A weight loss book directed towards teenagers, and parents of teenage children who are overweight. Losing weight is never an easy thing, nor is dealing with the stressors that come from being a teenager. This free ebook explores weight loss for teenagers in an honest and easy to understand way. Good for teenagers and parents alike!

10. Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight

Health and exercise are just two aspects of life. The goal of losing weight requires more then just a focus on your health and exercise goals, but also a consideration of what you are doing with the rest of your life. This book explores the power of positive thinking and having good influences around you, and just how powerful they can be in changing your life.

11. The 20 Mistakes People Make in Their Gym

For those of you recently joining the gym (considering the New Year has just begun!), be sure to make sure you read this free ebook. People frequently make mistakes at their gym, and are then unable to be really productive with meeting their fitness goals. If you're aware of these potential mistakes, then you will be certain not to make them!

12. Why Can't I Lose Weight

Another weight loss book, but with a twist. This book asks the question, "Why can't I lose weight?" From there, it explores this question in detail and provides much in terms of an answer. A great read!

13. Abs Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets

This is a great book, especially for those of you who want to be particularly healthy or even an athlete. The focus is on good nutrition and abs training, as the title implies. It is a very useful learning tool!

Be sure to check out Health and Exercise E-Books that are sure to help you with meeting your health and fitness related goals.