Poutine from SMOKE's Poutinerie

Poutine from SMOKE’s Poutinerie
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/snkqgOD27j/

Want to take your poutine to the next level? Try out the Philly Cheese Steak Poutine or the Triple Pork Poutine from Smoke's Poutinerie.  Please do not forward us your heart surgeon's bill for recommending this delicious spot!

Burgers and a "Vatican on Ice" from Burger Priest

Burgers and a “Vatican on Ice” from Burger Priest
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/sBWP-AyaVj/

Many restaurants have secret off the menu items, but without somebody to tell you about them, they might as well not exist.  The "Vatican on Ice" is one of Burger Priests secret menu item that consists of ice cream squashed between two delicious grill cheese sandwhiches.  Burger Priest, we salute you!

Ice Cream Sandwiches from Bakerbots Baking

Ice Cream Sandwiches from Bakerbots Baking
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/svFJaVRIRp/

People these days are used to getting their ice cream sandwhiches from a box.  Bakerbots Baking wants to change that.  They are making hand made ice cream sandwhiches from premium cookies and premium ice cream; a perfect marriage made in Heaven.

Tempura Battered Deep Fried Hot Dogs from Gushi

Deep Fried Hot Dog
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/qxKnfGSjDk/

If hot dogs weren't good enough the way they were intended, Gushi had to come along and create one battered in delicious Japanese tempura and deep fried.  Gushi, you are top  (hot) dog in our books.

Gelato and Chocolate from SOMA Chocolate

Gelato and Chocolate from SOMA Chocolate
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/ntGwcngQw-/

Love Gelato, but also love all things Sundae related?  Venture over to Soma Chocolate and drench your gelato in some of their amazing chocolate sauces, or if you wan to really live on the edge, toss a few pop rox in the mix.

Onion Rings from Fresh

Onion Rings
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/mjOrmhjO5d/

I never would have thought that an onion ring battered in quinoa and deep fried would be delicious.  My how I was wrong. Fresh Restaurant deserves two thumbs up for serious forward thinking.

Bison, Elk, and Kangaroo Sausages from WVRST.

Bison, Elk, and Kangaroo Sausages from WVRST.
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/rx2el2nRW5/

 Love sausage?  What if I told you WVRST in Toronto had every flavour imaginable, including Kangaroo?  If every meat in the animal kingdom isn't what you are looking for, they even cook their fries in duck fat.  Next level stuff people!

BeaverTails from BeaverTails Pastry

BeaverTails from BeaverTails Pastry
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/tecxjbx-nL/

This delicious pastry is shaped like a beaver tale and is covered in your favorite delicious junk food treats.  Served warm fresh off the grill, this amazing treat is sure to send you into the ultimate diabetic coma.

The "Go Chuck Yourself" Burger from Holy Chuck.

The “Go Chuck Yourself” Burger from Holy Chuck.
Credit: http://instagram.com/p/fvrqKWjB-n/

Only somebody as adventurous as Christopher Columbus would have thought combining three grill cheese sandwhiches with six beef patties, six pieces of cheese and three servings of bacon would have been a good idea.  Luckily Holy Chuck had the insight to put this together.  Please excuse me while I get a triple bypass.