Absolutely Worthless Trash

A Stain on Western Culture

13, released in 2010, written and directed by Georgian (the country, not the state) Gela Babluan, and starring Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, 50 Cent, Sam Riley, and Ray Winstone, is one of the most worthless pieces of cynical, brutal garbage I have ever seen.


13 portrays an innocent young man who, at the start of the film, is caught in a horrible financial bind when his father finds himself in the hospital for some unexplained reason.  The setting being the good ol’ USA, the family must sell the house poor dad had been working hard for 18 years to pay for.   Nearly a certified electrician, the young man is on a house call to fix something electrical when he overhears the junkie owner of the house discussing his next opportunity to make a bundle of money.  The junkie overdoses and dies, and our young protagonist steals the letter detailing where to go to pursue the mystery job.  He takes the train to Chicago, where he is drawn deep into the depths of an evil underworld gambling ‘game.’  This game is absolutely ludicrous; it is simply an excuse for the director to cash in on a sick and depraved vision of human nature.


This movie has absolutely no redeeming features.  The dark and stylish scenes, the minimalist black and white wardrobe, the cool evil characters, and the film’s ability to somehow grip the viewer and pull them further into the depths of its stupidity do nothing to alleviate the sick, brain-dead feeling the film engenders.


A few decades ago (1984), Ian Banks published a short novel titled The Wasp Factory.  Based on an absurd premise, it received reviews such as the following, from the Irish Times:  “It is a sick, sick world when the confidence and investment of an astute firm of publishers is justified by a work of unparalleled depravity.”  Well, at least The Wasp Factory was intelligently written, at times even poetic, and explored what could perhaps be construed as interesting human characteristics, histories and emotions.  13 has no such nuances at all.  It is simply stupid.  While brand name actors such as Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke pull their usual cool acts, the closest any of the others come to acting is shaking and sweating.


While some might excuse its absolute inability to contribute anything that can be construed as in any way positive to the human condition for the fact that it was directed by someone from a former soviet republic, this film is, ultimately, just another unsightly, and much darker and dirtier than usual, stain on Western culture.  Please do not buy or rent it – deny the idiots who produced it any gain whatsoever from this absolute abomination.