A Milestone

Turning 13 is a milestone event for a boy. He's now entering adolescence, which is the training ground for manhood. There'll be a lot of changes during this new phase in life, and there will probably be many ups and downs. So you'll want to throw an awesome party that will create wonderful memories to treasure. Many cultures believe this age is significant because you're are transitioning from a child to an adult, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. So if you need help with 13th birthday ideas for a boy, then check out a few of these.

Let Them Be Active

Boys often want to go out, have fun and get the blood pumping. The the new teenager you're hosting a party for has a lot of energy, so making room for activities that increase the heart-rate are good 13th birthday ideas for boys. You could rent out a rec center and have the kids play basketball, or you can set up a game of touch football outside. There are plenty of laser tag locations that will offer another fun activity as it's really competitive and engaging. Hosting it at a beach will bring water sports into play, or they could play beach volleyball to really bring out the competitive edge. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, you could see who on the guest list has a pool and ask if the party can be at their home. Otherwise, you could host the party at the YMCA. Other ideas include paintballing, roller skating and ice skating.

Going Places

Getting away from home for awhile is another great 13th birthday idea for a boy. This includes going to theme parks with a few close friends and family. Whichever theme park the newly turned teen enjoys going to would be the preferred destination. Just a few of his close friends can come to avoid needing too many chaperone's. You could also attend a concert of one of his favorite bands. Asking him which bands he prefers listening to would give you an idea of what's hot out now. This is good party idea as well as a great 13th birthday gift idea.



A blacklight party is always fun. You could turn it into a little dance event with the kids wearing neon and white shirts to enhance the experience. You could find glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets that they could wear. These could double as party favors to take home too. These types of parties are popular to the younger generation and so would be adequate for a newly turned teenager. Include fun party snacks and treats would make it an all-around fun party.

Things to Remember

Hosting a 13th birthday party for a boy can be fun and exciting for everyone involved. You'll want to make it a memorable event with plenty of footage and photos. Being able to treasure this milestone event for years to come will him remember all the good times he had when he was young. You could also use it as a comparison to how he was back then to where he is when he hits 20.