Make it Memorable

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So it's time to celebrate a 13th birthday for that special little lady. Entering this new phase of life is a big moment that deserves a memorable birthday party. You'll want to record all the wonderful events as they take place during the party because before you know it, she'll be off to college and on her own. There are plenty of different things you can do for a girls 13th birthday, but only you know what's right for your daughter. Depending on the individual - personality, interests, likes and dislikes - you should be able to narrow down the available options so that she'll have the kind of party best suited for her. But if you need a little help, here are a few suggestions.

Make Over Party

Since she's getting older, she'll want to do things older women do. And applying makeup is one of those things that would make for a great 13th birthday party idea. Having a fun make over party with friends will have all of them looking gorgeous while also learning techniques and styles they can use once they get home. You set up stations in the family room with all the tools necessary for a good make over party - eye-liner, nail polish, creams, blush - everything they'll need to enhance their look. Alternatively, you could have the guests bring their own supplies to save on party planning funds. You'd have fun finger foods to serve as they beautify themselves. You could take before and after pictures of each person, showcasing the expertly applied makeup. Improving hairstyles, or simply redoing them will be fun and definitely have them receiving compliments when they get home. You could also make it into a spa party adding massages and foot baths to the mix. This would help inspire great 13th birthday gifts for girls from your guests as they can simply bring make over related items to present to the guest of honor.

Dance Party

If the 13-year-old is a dance enthusiast, then this is a no-brainer when it comes to 13th birthday party ideas. You could rent out a facility and get it all decked out with birthday related items and turn it into a nice dance hall. This could be a formal event with everyone dressed up, or fun with techno music and a blacklight to make it more interesting. To really mix it up, you could turn it into a dance/slumber/blacklight party with all the girls wearing either white or neon pajama's and dancing in the living room. Maybe have them apply facepaint to add a bit more fun to the event.

Hotel Party

Hotels often have all the necessary amenities that a great party needs. Traveling to a destination of the 13 year olds choosing, and staying at a nice hotel will give her and her friends plenty of things to do. They'd be able to take a dip in the pool, visit landmarks and explore the different areas the city they're visiting has to offer. It could also be a fun trip for just the family and a few friends, if you were low on chaperones. Turning the birthday into a family event with a few close friends would still be fun for the new teen. You guys could go to a popular restaurant letting the waiter know that you're celebrating a birthday. Typical they'd bring out a cake and sing a nice little song for the birthday girl. Going somewhere the 13 year old has never been before will surely suit the milestone event.

Other Party Ideas

Whichever 13th birthday party idea you choose for your new teen, as long as you've included the wishes and desires of the birthday girl, it should end up being a blast 13th birthday party. Other ideas would include applying a theme to the event, having party favors the guests can have as they enter and maybe attending a concert of the birthday girl's favorite band or singer.

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