Gold charm bracelets are basically considered as heirloom or a family treasure that had been passed from one generation to another. Charm bracelets are, by themselves, special and unique. Authentic antique, gold charm bracelets cost is one of the most coveted collectors item today; those that are authentic 1940's 14K gold charm bracelets would cost anywhere between $500 and a thousand a piece. And, the demand for 14K gold charm bracelet had lead for prices to soar and likewise the number of opportunists and counterfeits.

Here are tips to help you on this wonderful journey of finding the best gold charm bracelet that you could treasure for keeps.

Knowing the Vintage from the Repros

Authentic and vintage 14k gold charm bracelet would not come cheap. Those that are made in the 1940s would cost you a thousand; and, these pieces are not something that you would want to wear outside. Vintage charm bracelets - marked with the word "Sterling" - are considered as collector's item, which would is basically a treasure by anyone's category. Reproductions, or those that are made in the 70s and 80s, could pass of as vintage to an untrained eye. It would be, therefore, important for you to know how to know the difference between the two. Here are some ways:

- Bracelets. Most Victorian charms come in linked chain or looped bangles. These are usually made with hand-chased finishing. Repros are rhodium-plated.

- Hearts. These are simply the "charms for all time." To tell between a vintage and a repro, you have to check both the construction and its profile. For example, Victorian heart charms are flat or really puffy. The edges, since they are handmade, are simply seamless. They are have a lot of embellishments and details; no 14k gold charm bracelet would look usually look the same, as most charms are customized and specifically designed for only one bearer. The repros, while the edge appears seamless, would have no engraving. If it does have one, it would appear to be stamped as part of the embossing.

- Marks. Knowing the vintage from the not could be extremely difficult as most, if not all, charm bracelets are sold with descriptions like "authentic" and "rare". Authentic, Victorian charms are marked with the word "STERLING" in raised letters or 925 over 100 without the fraction symbol. It is also uncommon to find the maker's or manufacturer's name engraved in the charms. The repros are marked with the word "Sterling" placed, usually, on the lower right portion or made with a 925 without any other number.

Choose a Theme before Buying

One of the best things about charm bracelets is that it is considered by most as a work in progress. If you are considering giving a present that could is truly special and memorable, a 14k gold charm bracelets is your best "canvass" to draw up something truly personal. While it may also depend on the type of bracelet used, buying linked chains are truly advantageous if you want to add some charms that represent something that you want the wearer to remember. And, let me tell you, there are loads of charms that could truly excite you when you browse the web; don't get carried away. Plan your theme to unify the charms that you would use to create your very own 14k gold charm bracelet. In this way, you could choose the charms that fit best what you had in mind.