Energy Saving Tips You Might Not Know

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Do you wonder how you could lower your electricity bill? Do you want to save on bills and spend the money somewhere else? Then these are the tips for you.

Energy saving has been an issue for decades already. People have been trying to lessen their energy consumption for years now. Technology is improving to save energy. But what else can you do to save energy?

These are some tips that you might not know or do.

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Replace your refrigerators if possible. Latest models save more energy than models from ten years ago.
  • Clean your air con filter regularly. Not only will it increase air flow, it can also prevent damage by dust build-up
  • Commute or carpool whenever possible. Not only do you save money on gas, you also reduce your greenhouse gas emission
  • Unplug appliances when not in use. These appliances still use electricity even when not in use
  • Remember that smaller appliances use less energy than larger ones (TV, computer monitor, etc.)
  • Insulate your house when cold months come in. Not only will you save energy, you will also feel warm without using electricity
  • Defrost your freezers regularly. Frost not only consumes space, it can also interfere with the refrigeration of your food.
  • Use cold or tap water whenever possible. Making water hot requires more energy than just getting tap water
  • Do not get refrigerators and freezers larger than what you need. Not only do these take space, these also consume more energy
  • Repair dripping faucets and buckets.  The dripping accumulated over time may cost you more than just repairing them outright
  • Use sunlight whenever possible. Open curtains and shades during day. Not only does it look good, you also save on your bill
  • Look for energy efficient appliances and equipment. The money you save can add up over time
  • Use small pans when cooking small meals. Using bigger pans means using more heat to heat up the food


These are just some tips you might not know about saving energy. Teach and apply these tips to other people. Not only will you save money, you can also help in saving the earth. 

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