Sometimes it's hard to find article ideas. Being a freelance writer means you need to have a continuous stream of fresh article ideas but this is easier said than done. The good news is you can find inspiration for articles almost anywhere. Everything can be written about and there are no limits as to what you can write about. To help you get ideas for future articles I have compiled this list of 14 ways to help you do this:

Using Magazines to give you inspiration for article ideas:

Have a look through several magazines and see what topics are being written about. If journalists are writing about a specific topic its because they know people would be interested in reading it. You could get an article idea from a magazine and add a different point of view (angle). The feature articles are the ones you should particularly take an interest as those type of articles require the most amount of research, which you don't have to do yourself luckily. If your feeling particularly cheeky you could just rewrite the whole article to make it stay on topic whilst being unique.

Using a search engine to find article ideas:

Type keywords into a search engine and see what comes up. Try doing a search for 'tips' or 'reviews' into Google or and have a look at the types of articles on those sites. It may give you a few ideas of your own.

Use Amazon to get article ideas:

This will work well if you plan on writing review articles. Amazon is a huge website containing thousands of products so you will be able to find lots of article ideas just by browsing their site. Once you find a product you want to write a review about its also worth reading the customer reviews for that product to give you more of an idea what to write.

Find article ideas with Ezine articles:

Ezine articles is the webs top source for free articles, so why not have a look and see if it will give you any article ideas.

Create a web of thoughts:

Think of the name of one object related to your niche, then think of more words associated with that word. Keep repeating this technique until you have generated a few words/keywords, then finally think of an angle. Usually you will end up with lots of ideas. Here is an example:


Music tracks

Music tracks online

How to download music tracks online safely

This may not work for everyone but it sometimes helps me to find article ideas.

Speak to friends and family:

This seems obvious but sometimes friends and family can give you brilliant ideas. Mention a specific topic and ask them what type of things they would like to read about in relation to that topic.

Use your surroundings to help you get inspiration for new article ideas:

Take a walk around your home and look at everything you see to help you find an article topic. What do you see? If you were to write an article about something in your home what would be the most interesting thing you could write about? Find your favorite belonging. Ask yourself if it's something you could write about.

Have a look at old photos:

Remember the emotion you felt when the photo was taken. Is it something you could write about? Perhaps it was the location of the photo that made you feel that emotion. Could you write about that?

Listen to music to get ideas for future articles:

Listening to music lyrics can often make you think about things. Pay attention to the words and see if it can give you any ideas.

Browse internet forums for ideas:

If you have a niche in mind, take a look at forums related to that niche. Have a look at the type of content people are adding and see if that helps you.

Using Yahoo answers:

People ask questions on Yahoo answers everyday. If they need a specific question answered then chances are other people also want to know the same thing. You can get thousand of article ideas just from this site alone. If you see a question or related question that keeps appearing, write an article about it.

Listen to the radio:

Radio presenters are very good at finding topics to talk about that gain the interest of their listeners. You could use this to your advantage a write an article about something you heard on the radio.

Use Googles keyword tool:

Type in any keyword that strikes your interest and see what the related keywords are.

Find words that are unrelated and combine them to generate an article.


Food and music - How listening to music can stop you from snacking too much

Driving and DVD players - Why driving while having your cars DVD player switched on is a bad idea.

If there are any other methods that I haven't included I would love to hear them.