Free Window Programs To Keep Your Computer Running Tip Top

So as I sit here and fix another infected computer that appears to of been infested since 1992 with worms, viruses, trojans, rootkits and probably some hybrid of artifical intelligence. I decided to share with you some of the tools I use out in the field that are USB friendly and are always great to have on hand. This is just my collection of tools, if you have ones you use that 0you love and are free by all means let me know I love checking out new programs!

So right now my equipment is nothing more than a Corsair 4GB Flash Voyager. I LOVE this thing, it's reliable, always works and the shock resistant casing is great for people like me who break their toys all the time. I highly recommend the Corsair sticks and the company seems to have a good running customer service.

Now onto the software that lives on my stick: None of these programs are listed in any particular order. To me they all have equal value of greatness.

  • CCleaner - This program is lightweight and great for cleaning up that windows registry. Also if your looking to remove a lot of wasted space from your internet browsers or securely delete your history this program will get the job done.
  • Malaware Anti-Malware Bytes - I am almost 10/10 on the computers that get placed in front of me infected with malware. Malaware is free, provides a deep through scan and removal. It also provides a log for people like me who like to document what files are infected and isolating the source of it.
  • SpyBot Search & Destroy - Fantastic program for removing anything that gets missed by the above software. It's easy to keep up to date and also offers real time protection for several of the internet browsers. This program scans a massive list of known spyware and helps you not only remove them but protects you from them in the future.
  • PCRepairSystem - This is actually a set of tools that can live on the USB drive and run things such as CCleaner, Regmon, Regedit, FileAssasin etc. At only 14MB's you get a multitude of tools in one nice little package.
  • Glary Utilities - This program offers Clean up and repair options, Optimize and Improve, Privacy and Security, Disk analysis and more. I am quite impressed with G.U. and it doesn't take up much space.
  • Chrome/Firefox - Why have these with me? Easy Internet Explorer is awful and a security risk. Most of the time it is also infected when a virus or malware has been involved. I use Chrome for a light weight browser and I set the infected computer to use FireFox for it's default.
  • CDKeyReader - This program comes in handy when the person has the install disc and not the Windows Key. It pulls it from the registry and a few other values to allow you to recover the key without having to deal with customer support.
  • Recuva - Nice lightweight program to recover deleted files that were tossed into the Recycle bin. Sometimes will recover most of the data but not a 100% all the time. Usually effective for small images and documents though.
  • Defraggler - Windows defragment program. Several times faster than the standard windows defrag program. Gets the job done and provides a nice visual result as well.
  • Avast Home Free - This just saves me the trouble of having to fight a virus when trying to download it from the infected computer. Also one hell of a virus scanner and the fact you can set it to update the virus database daily is nice. Now my clients have one less thing to worry about.
  • TeamViewer - I typically use this one or two ways. I install it on the clients machine for that future call and remote support or I use the clients machine to connect to mine to access files from my computer. It uses a secure encrypted connection and provides great remote ability.
  • Orphans Remover - Great for getting rid of those pesky little children who keep asking for more gruel! Actually it identifies and examines your folders and files for broken shortcuts or useless garbage laying about and removes it. Several options and folder locations can be specified.
  • WinDirStat - This is nice to show your customer what his their file storage actually looks like. How much of a certain folder is taking up the hard drive space and what areas they can clean up to get some extra space.
  • PsTools - A set of very useful command line tools.