Las Vegas has much more too offer than just 24 hour gambling and buffets. Las Vegas has many museums. You are sure to find a museum that will interest you while visiting Las Vegas. From Elvis to Liberace. From Pinball to the Hoover Dam. Historic neon signs and atomic testing. You will find something interesting at the museums in and near Las Vegas Nevada.

1. Pinball Museum

The Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum in Las Vegas recently reopened in a new location in Las Vegas. The Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum is now located across the street from the Liberace Museum. The Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum displays the worlds largest collection of pinball machines.

The Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum gives visitors the chance to play a wide variety of pinball ,machines. If you have never played a classic pinball game from the 50's or 60's then you are missing out. If you have a pinball game you use to play as a child then the odds are the Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum will have it and you can give it a play again.

2. Elvis Museum

The Elvis-a-Rama museum and gift shop is all Elvis. If you are a fan of Elvis you will love this museum. Even if you are not a fan of Elvis you can't help but smile and have a great time. The Elvis impersonators are spot on and appear and act just like the real Elvis.

3. Liberace Museum

The Liberace Foundation and Museum in Las Vegas is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Liberace. The Liberace Museum contains many of Liberace's personal items including his cars, pianos, clothes, jewelry, and private papers and memos.

4. Neon Museum

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is commonly called "The Bone Yard". The The Neon Museum is where the Neon signs go to rest. This "museum" features many historic Neon signs from historical Las Vegas Casinos.

5. Atomic Testing Museum

During the atomic age the government use to set off Nuclear explosions near Las Vegas. The locals as well as visitors use to gather at various bars and casinos for the explosions. At the time of the Nuclear tests it was considered a social event for Las Vegans. To celebrate the rich history of the Atomic age and how many of the atomic workers lived in Las Vegas they have set up an Atomic Testing Museum. Regardless of how much you know about the atomic age you will always learn something new at the Las Vegas Atomic Testing Museum.

6. Guggenheim Las Vegas Museum

The famous Guggenheim Museum has a location in Las Vegas.

7. Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Las Vegas Natural History Museum is one of the best Museums in Las Vegas. Admission is only $8.00 for adults but once a month Bank Of America customers get in for free!

8. Nevada State Museum

The Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas id dedicated to preserving and teaching the history of Nevada. The state of Nevada has a very fascinating history. The museums mission statement states "The mission of the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas is to inspire and educate a diverse public about the history and natural history of Nevada. To fulfill that mission, we collect, preserve, exhibit, and disseminate material that contributes to an understanding and appreciation of the state. "

9. Clark County Museum

The Clark County Museum is actually locate din Boulder Nevada. About 15 miles from Las Vegas. The Clark County Museum helps teach the early history of Las Vegas and the surrounding area. The history of Las Vegas begins not in the early 1900s as many believe but about 12,000 years ago.

10. Hoover Dam Museum

The Hoover Dam Museum is located near Las Vegas in Boulder City, Nevada. Without the Hoover Dam Project the town of Las Vegas and it's history would be drastically different and the town of Las Vegas would be much smaller. The Hoover Dam is an amazing site too see. Before or after you visit Hoover Dam you need to take the time to visit the Hoover Dam Museum in Boulder. This is a fun and enriching experience for all people regardless of their age.

11. Children's Museum

The Las Vegas Children's Museum is a museum that is fun for kids of all ages. The museum is over 22,000 square feet and features countless items for kids as well as adults to look at and even play with. The Las Vegas Children's Museum was votes The Best Of Las Vegas 2009.

12. Las Vegas Art Museum

The Las Vegas Art Museum displays contemporary art. Its OK if it;s your thing but I would much rather visit the Hoover Dam Museum.

13. Barrick Natural History Museum

The Barrick Natural History Museum shows how Las Vegas was morphed from a rural desert outpost to a huge metropolis of glittering neon lights.

14.Bellagio Fine Art Museum

The Bellagio Fine Art Museum features "high end" art and paintings. A good place to enrich your masterpiece education while on spring break from college.

Some of these Museums in Las Vegas Nevada are slightly tack such as the Elvis Museum and Gift Shop. The best of Las Vegas Museums in my opinion is the Hoover Dam Museum in Boulder Nevada near Las Vegas. Regardless of what you are interested in you can always find a museum in Las Vegas that will interest you. Some of the Museums in Las Vegas may not sound interesting to you but if you go you will more than likely enjoy yourself very much and very possibly develop some new interests.

A visit too Hoover Dam is essential for any first time visitor to the Las Vegas area. I highly recommend you also visit the Hoover Dam museum. In fact I recommend you visit it twice. Visit the Hoover Dam Museum before you go to the actual dam site and then after you visit Hoover Dam track back and go to the Hoover Dam Museum again.

By visiting the Hoover Dam museum first you will learn a lot about the construction of the dam and appreciate your visit of the actual dam a lot more. After you visit Hoover Dam you are bound to have more questions about the construction of Hoover Dam and the Hoover Dam Museum is the perfect place to have all of your Hoover Dam questions answered.

Another fun Museum in Las Vegas that did not make the list was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.