Sticking to a budget on Valentine’s Day is a difficult thing to do if you do not want to come off as cheap.  Thankfully, there are many different meaningful gifts you can create to fit within your budget. Take a look at the list below to make your next Valentine’s Day one of the most memorable ever. 

1.     Love note box

For this gift you will need a small box.  Tissue boxes work very well.  Decorate the box as you see fit, using construction paper, photos and print outs of you and your loved one, and anything else that speaks of your relationship.  Inside the box, place handwritten love notes a sentence or two long.  Each note could say something you love about your partner or just something about love in general.  Your partner could then reach in and pull out a new love note every week, or for the very motivated, every day. 

Budget Valentine's Day IdeasCredit: Webweaver

2.     Poetry journal

Write one poem for the fourteen days in February leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to write your first drafts on scratch paper, and then rewrite each poem on the pages of a journal.

3.     Romantic balloons

This idea is very similar to the love note box but is packaged differently.  Write up as many love notes as you would like and place them in large red and pink balloons.  Use those balloons to decorate a room, a car, or someplace/somewhere that you and your partner will visit on Valentine’s Day. 

4.     Coupon book

This is sort of the old standard for a budget gift with some real meaning.  Make a coupon book out of construction or decorative paper.  Each page should be a different coupon.  Ideas for your coupons could include a “Free Massage” or “Dinner for Two.”  Be creative and generate coupons that are relevant to your relationship and your partner. 

5.     Breakfast in bed

This is another old standard, but you can add an extra little twist to this traditional idea to make it even more meaningful.  Instead of just making your partner’s favorite breakfast, create a menu for them to choose their meal from.  You can also add “prices” to the menu, which could include “Everlasting Love” or “A Hug and Kiss.”

6.     Cook together

Some of the most meaningful time you can spend with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is the time in the kitchen.  Pick a romantic meal to create, and be sure to get all of the ingredients before Valentine’s Day.  Then, on V-Day cook the meal together.  This is a simple but very meaningful gesture. 

7.      Make a CD

This is a standard gift for most fledgling relationships.  Be sure to fill your CD with love songs that mean something to you and your partner.  Try to keep out any love songs from boyfriends and girlfriends past.  Dress up your CD with an album cover and song list.  You could even include the reasons why you chose each song in the CD jacket. 

8.     Make a memory box

Find a small sturdy box and decoupage pictures and print outs of your relationship.  You can then fill the box with other presents.  If you really want to go budget, you could just fill the box with candy. 

9.     Make chocolate covered strawberries

If you are able to find chocolate covered strawberries for sale around Valentine’s Day, there is a very good chance that they will cost a pretty penny.  Luckily, these special strawberries are very easy to make.  As long as you know how to melt chocolate and dip strawberries, you should fare just fine. 

10. Write a song

If you are musically inclined, writing a song for your loved one is a very romantic present.  Words are not necessary to make a love song.  You just need to put a little heart into your musical instrument of choice. 

11. Make an origami bouquet

Come Valentine’s Day, one dozen roses will cost two to three times more than their normal price.  Making a bouquet of origami roses is certainly no substitute for the real thing, but these little crafts are a simple, fun way to show someone that you care.   

12. Write a love letter

There is no substitute for a love letter from the heart.  Sometimes words come short, and a love letter the perfect way to say everything you have always forgotten to say to your significant other. 

13. Plan a scavenger hunt

Hide love notes that lead to one final Valentine’s present.  You can hide other smaller presents along the scavenger hunt as well for an extra fun touch.   

14. Make your Valentine’s card

Instead of giving Hallmark another five dollars for Valentine’s Day, why not make your own card?  Creativity is key for this exercise, although writing the perfect love note in the card is the most important.  You could even have some fun and make a pop-up card.