It can definitely be frustrating in a small kitchen with the whole family coming in and out, helping themselves to breakfast in the morning or making a cup of coffee. For someone who loves to bake it can drive you a little crazy. However, not everyone can afford a designer style remodeled kitchen.

This is actually a very common thing - a lot of people who stay in apartments struggle with moving around, trying to find something in their tiny cabinet, while the onions are burning. People who have purchased bigger homes often find that their kitchens have been poorly designed. This is where you have to improvise, and often this is much easier to implement than you may think - it's a case of storage, organization and how you use your colors for example.

Small Kitchen Decorating Tips

  • Remember that it is all about what the eye is drawn to. Here, you are going to notice that vertical objects will make the space seem larger. Go for a backsplash, choosing thin vertical tiles, which will also liven up the kitchen. Thinking along the same line, if you have vertical wall panels,it will suggest height. You can even put something in there as simple as a blind.
  • Think of small kitchen organization as well and how you can use it to the best of your ability. Don’t let any open shelving go to waste. Make sure your plates and other crockery are sorted out and that you don’t have a lot of odds and ends that you just don’t use anymore. Organization is the first step you should be thinking of.


  • If you have some light coming into your kitchen, you can even think of having a vertical garden with herbs flowing out. Make use of your window, because it helps introduce a sense of space.

This not only looks good, but it is also very practical, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • If you have a row of tiles at the bottom, use a cool pastel color, which will add to the special impact of the room. Something dark like black is popular and it is definitely modern, but it will close you in even more. A lighter color will draw the eyes up, making the walls appear taller.
  • You can use a bright color in one part of the room. For example one of the walls could be painted in a warm hue and this can be contrasted with white. You could also have the white walls contrasted with a bright blind. Deciding to paint the cabinets is a nice idea, using a contrasting color which will complement the walls.
  • Hunt around for prints and pictures that you can stick on the walls which are somehow unique. You don’t want clutter, but you want to arrange this is a minimalistic format. The actual art work shouldn't actually be busy looking either.
  • Vintage style always works well in a small kitchen. A simple chalk board also looks good with a nice bright frame, and this also serves for a good practical purpose as well. Some people use one of their walls as a chalk board, but be becareful you don't overdo this, because black is not a good choice here.
  • Use your wall space appropriately to hang various objects off vertical rods. You can invest in a metal knife holder. You can display your cups and mugs off hooks and even transform an area into a coffee station.
  • There are a lot of storage options available, which you can use to save space. These can be placed against the wall at eye level for easy access. You can also add a little interest to the walls with pretty patterns of tea towels and aprons hanging down from hooks.

This kitchen is great, except for the the clutter on the counters


  • To make the kitchen seem like it has expanded, replace the old wooden frames with glass. You will be able to see further inside. However, this will only work if there is no clutter, so make sure that everything is placed in an orderly fashion.

This will also help you stay organized. In saying that, don’t have these placed right up above your head with no place to work. You will be completely cramped and as soon as you have sorted this out, you will feel a lot better.

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  • It was said before that black is not a good idea. However, if you have an ultra modern design with the newest appliances on the market, then this is one exception. This should have a clean look to it, with absolutely no clutter. Use materials like marble and stainless steel. Use lots of lines in your décor as well.
  • A floorboard that has been painted with stripes can automatically give the illusion that the area has been lengthened. You can also do this with a rug placed in the center if you are on a tight budget.
  • Lighting is important, and if you don’t have a window, then you should look into artificial lighting. This just changes the whole mood and atmosphere of the kitchen. Small kitchens are often bleak and depressing, simply because the light is bad, so this is definitely something you have to invest in, and you will instantly be able to see the change. 
small kitchen

  • You can do this with spotlights placed on the ceiling. However, you also get undercabinet lighting which is effective and also practical. This works very well on reflective surfaces, such as stainless steel and ceramic tiles. This is one of the best decorating ideas for a small kitchen.

Remember that some people just like the look and feel of a cosy kitchen. Not everyone has massive families that are always bumping into each other. Some kitchens are ideal for couples, so it is completely up to the individual at the end of the day.