One of the most crucial skills in life is good leadership. People that are leaders climb the corporate ladder more easily and receive way more salary. However, many people think that they cannot be a leader, because you have to be born with these characteristics that a leader possesses. This is absolutely untrue. There exist many lists on the internet that tell you what characteristics you should convey in order to be a leader. All these lists are reasonably good, but the best one is without doubt the 14 leadership traits of the Marine Corps. Practicing these 14 characteristics on a day to day basis is not only good for soldiers, but also for business men. The purpose of this article therefore is to give a recap of these 14 traits.

1. Justice

Always be fair and consistent in your actions. Be honest with yourself about why you make a particular decision. Things like nepotism are strongly in contradiction with justice.

2. Judgment

Approach everything with a common sense attitude. Take your time for important decisions, think clearly and think about both sides of the equation.

3. Dependability

Always strive to achieve the highest standard of performance, for yourself and other people. People can rely on you when they delegate a task to you.

4. Initiative

In order to cope with sudden change and developments you have to think for yourself and take the appropriate action. It is not always possible to get orders on what you have to do, sometimes you have to think for yourself and initiate things.

5. Decisiveness

Don’t think too long about problems. Take consistent focused action. When the decision has been made, you can always change it if it seems like a bad choice. However, if you wait too long or take no decision at all, the problem will stay unsolved.

6. Tact

You have to act polite, calm, and firm in personal conversation. Rule of thumb here is: Treat other people the way you want to be treated

7. Integrity

I would say this is the most important of the 14 traits. Be honest and truthful at all times.

8. Enthusiasm

Have some passion in your work. People, who are enthusiastic about the things they do, generally excel. Think of professional athletes that really enjoy their sport, like Lionel Messi for example.

9. Bearing

This means you are never content with meeting only the minimum requirements. You want to achieve an A+ not a C.

10. Unselfishness

Never make yourself better in the expense of other people. This will benefit your once of course, however the corporation or military team you work in will be negatively impacted by your selfish choice, which in the end will have negative consequences for you.

11. Courage

This takes mainly calmness and self-discipline. You have to recognize fear for what it is and let it motivate you instead of paralyzing you.

12. Knowledge

Knowledge means that you have the requires information to perform a task. It does not mean that you know everything or that you can win all quizzes. This concept can also be described as specialized knowledge.

13. Loyalty

Loyalty means that you are devoted to your boss, company and other employees. Never talk about problems within your company with outsiders.

14. Endurance

Endurance is the mental and physical stamina to withstand pain, tiredness, anxious feelings, and hardship.