If there were an overnight solution to marketing and gaining leads for your business we all would be billionaires, wont we? Why then only a select few are able to achieve higher goals and success in life than the millions of the rest. All one needs is smart thinking and prompt action leading to result-oriented moves in the business arena.

Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Following are 14 ways on how to promote your Facebook Business account:

Step 2

• To start with, create a Facebook Fanpage that is both creative and subtle. The title for the fan page can encompass the major keyword (thus helping it to appear in Google searches as well) also include the geographical location in the title. Make it catchy and trendy.

Step 3

• Make friends on Facebook, but don't just go around selecting random people, see to that you contact people with similar interest; this in itself will be an icebreaker when you post an introductory message to them while adding them up. Make friends with the friends of friends thus expanding your network. Try not to step into a sales pitch with every new person you meet or every new fan you come across, be casual and stay focused initially on relationship building because that is what Facebook is all about.

Step 4

• Create a Facebook group where you can share your common interests and meet a lot of people who can easily connect with you. People will come to you as opposed to you trying to find them in this case.

Step 5

• Join a Facebook group and connect with people and share common interests.

Step 6

• You could join other Facebook Fanpages and get to know people out there also know how to go about making one's Fanpage popular. Get yourself exposed to as much information as you can on Facebook while it's free and channel the resourceful pointers on to promoting your own business.

Step 7

• If you have a blog site of your own or other business website, post a video that may or may not be relevant to your business, it could be something funny, adventurous, shocking, intriguing and trendy and provokes immense interest. When you share the link of the video on your Fanpage people would click on it and be directed to your blog site or website thus creating some potential leads.

Step 8

• If you have a personal profile you could display your Fanpage on a profile box on the left side bar where it is visible to every person who may or may not be in your friend's list. Facebook is a viral network that gets people in increasing numbers glued to your Fanpage if you have something interesting to offer.

Step 9

• Take advantage of Mass Communication through Facebook messages and message a huge group of people about any information you think that needs exposure.

Step 10

• Wall updates are the short and crisp info hubs where you can share something unique and interesting. When you provide quality wall posts people look forward to more of where it came from and you can constantly have wall updates changed in a day with a huge audience ensured for the same.

Step 11

• Add your business contacts and include them in your friend network.

Step 12

• Post in Facebook Marketspace.

Step 13

• Promote your Facebook blog and import that content into Facebook notes. This will keep user and fan traffic flowing to your page.

Step 14

• Advertise an even on Facebook events like a launch of a product or anything at all that would create a good impression of your business on professional grounds.

Step 15

• Buy Ad space on Facebook, this investment never seems to fail due to the millions of growing Facebook user statistics.


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