A 150cc Roketa Scooter is a superior choice for higher local traffic situations, heavier loads and for those that feel the need for more speed! Roketa truly delivers more power at an affordable price. The Roketa Scooter company is one the most popular Chinese scooter suppliers in the United States today. Since 2004 Roketa has continued to improve upon both quality and distribution for scooters and parts in their 150cc line. They have developed a large fan base and present a low cost alternative to Vespa and Honda. The straightforward style and performance of these scooters may surprise many riders that have never been on a budget scooter before.

The wide range of styles in the 150cc Roketa Scooter line means truly distinctive features. Low cost has always been a primary selling point, but increasingly many riders are turning to Roketa for the performance and thrill of the ride without sacrificing gas mileage.

Three of the best 150cc Roketa Scooter models are the Tahiti, the Fiji/Aruba, and the Bahama. These mid-sized scooters are big and fast and ready to be ridden. Recommended for those with more experience behind the handlebars of a motorcycle or scooter, any of these can be safely operated by new riders with just a little bit of training. The 150cc line is the first Roketa Scooter designed with two passengers in mind.

The Tahiti MC-03 150cc Roketa Scooter

The Tahiti scooter is definitely one of the more popular models from Roketa. It looks fast even standing still! It features many of the qualities that Roketa is known for: dual ignition with electric and kick-start, front ABS brake and rear drum brake, and automatic transmission. Unlike the 50cc models, the line of 150cc scooters also has storage compartments under the seats. The Tahiti is geared to top out around 60 mph, so it delivers real "wind in the face" thrills.

Roketa Aruba 150cc ScooterThe Fiji/Aruba MC-04 150cc Roketa Scooter

The Fiji scooter is also marketed under the name Aruba and is built for speed under either nameplate! This 9.4 horsepower motor will reach speeds of 60 mph! The great thing is it still gets nearly 70 miles to the gallon. This makes the Fiji both fast and affordable. The Fiji scooter comes with 13" wheels and this ensures a smooth, comfortable ride at any speed. A front fender, dual headlights, front ABS brakes, automatic transmission and stylish paint job are just some of the additional features on the 150cc scooter.

The Bahama MC-07 150cc Roketa Scooter

The Bahama is available as part of the Roketa line of 50cc scooters, but many people wanted the styling with a more powerful motor. Roketa fulfilled these wishes with the release of the beast Bahama 150cc bike. This scooter is meant for a single rider so if you need a passenger hauler than stick with the Fiji or Tahiti. The Bahama like the others can reach a speed of 60 mph. A large capacity 1.5 gallon tank means longer trips with fewer stops. The Bahama squeezes every drop of gas until it hurts and kicks out 75 miles to the gallon.

The diverse lineup of 150cc Roketa Scooters means that there is a scooter for practically every rider and situation. Still affordable but able to deliver more thrills than the smaller models, the 150cc Roketa scooter is a great ride for more advanced riders. Many will eventually upgrade to a 250cc model, but the 150cc scooter still packs quite a punch! At a cost as low as half or even a third of a Vespa or Honda, the 150cc Roketa Scooter is a fun and affordable buy.