Getting the nursery ready for a baby boy is an important step for expectant parents. Use this list to help you decide on some great themes for your baby boy’s nursery.

1. Construction Theme

The construction theme is one of the most popular for baby boy bedrooms. Applicable colors include yellow, orange, green and brown. Given its popularity, it is easy to find a variety of items to create a great construction themed nursery.

Three unique options for construction themed nursery decorations:

  • Construction zone crib bedding by JoJo Designs. Crib bedding is a great way to passively contribute to a nursery theme. JoJo Designs has a few different varieties to choose from.
  • Construction nightlight by Oopsy Daisy. This nightlight has a small canvas covering the bulb colored with the image of a cement mixer surrounded by construction workers and signs.
  • Construction toys presented in a bookcase. Use common trucks and other toys to present in a bookcase or on shelves. A great, cost-effective way to passively contribute to a bedroom theme.

2. Jungle Safari Theme

Jungle Themed Wall DecalsCredit: Danimezza

The jungle theme includes many different green colors, blue skies, trees, leaves and jungle animals. Given the wide variety of animals and foliage this is another theme that is fairly easy to find decorations for. Often, parents prefer to include a majority of masculine animals in a jungle theme for a boy: lions, gorillas, snakes, etc. The jungle decor also works well when building a gender neutral nursery theme.

Three unique options for jungle themed nursery decorations:

  • Safari themed table lamp from Stacks and Stacks. Put this lamp on a bookcase or table to provide an active accent for the bedroom.
  • Safari themed clothes rack by Guidecraft. This is an excellent, cute piece of furniture that can hold clothes, jackets or hats.
  • Safari wall decals from Target. The Target website has a variety of jungle appliques to choose from. Use these to set the backdrop for your room.


3. Nautical Theme

Nautical Themed Nursery PaintingCredit: Project 404

The nautical nursery theme is most often associated with sailboats but can include naval vessels and pirate ships as well. Other objects associated are ship steering wheels, boat sails, sailing hats, and fishing nets.

Three unique options for nautical themed nursery decorations:

  • Personalized sailboat name wall decals by Wee Decor. Wee Decor provides decorations for a variety of different nursery themes. These sailboat decals can be customized to include your child's name on them. A great personal touch for the wall space just above the baby's crib.
  • Wooden whale wall decoration by dwellingonline, an Etsy seller. This seller offers a unique wooden whale cutout that would look great for this theme. It can be customized to feature any color scheme you request.
  • Boat steering wheel clock. A nautical themed clock can be found on many different websites and may not be exclusively tailored for a child's room. A sleek, stained wood (or painted white) boat wheel would add a genuine touch to the nursery.

 4. Train Theme

Wooden Toy TrainCredit: andrechinn

The transportation theme and the train theme are listed separately due to the massive attention given to trains in newborn and toddler toys and attire. Not every train nursery needs to become a billboard for Thomas the Tank Engine. Look a little harder for some unique train themed nursery items.

Three unique options for train themed nursery items:

  • Personalized name train decals from Bliss Living. This is almost a must-have for a train themed nursery.
  • Train design wall art by Metro Baby Cards. This simple, striking train print can be ordered in four different sizes. It would make a subtle addition to any train themed nursery.
  • Train conductor bear from Pottery Barn Kids. Toys are a great way to decorate a kid's room. Make sure there is space for the teddy bear on a bookcase, some shelves or even sitting in a small chair.

5. Cars Theme

The popularity and inevitable longevity of the Cars movie franchise has led to its inclusion on this list. Like similar films, Cars will likely be popular for decades and lead to multiple sequels, cartoons and character spin-offs. Mixing Cars themed merchandise with typical racing decorations will likely lead to a muddled appearance. If you're going with a Cars theme, stick with officially licenced merchandise for a little continuity.

Three unique options for Cars themed nursery items:

  • Cars night light from Toys 'r Us. A great way to decorate a nursery is to find themed, functional items. This night light is pretty cheap as well, making it an affordable option for decorating.
  • Cars bedding from Target. The right size of themed bedding can last years. Check out this affordable bedding option from Target for the baby's bed.
  • Framed Cars poster from Poster Gods. A large framed image would be a great centerpiece for the baby's room.

6. Dr. Seuss Theme

The Dr. Seuss themed room is very popular and can integrate a number of different characters and even popular quotes. Most color schemes for this type include red, white and blue; after the Cat in the Hat. Nearly all bright color schemes will lead to a great looking children's room.

Three unique options for Dr. Seuss themed nursery items:

  • Dr. Seuss quote wall decals from ikonicwalls on Etsy. These large wall decals are Dr. Seuss quotes in a fun font. These quotes would fill a large area of wall and would best be really big so they can easily be read.
  • Cat in the Hat lamp shade from Pottery Barn Kids. This lamp shade features the Cat in the Hat balancing different objects. Use this shade for a nice added touch.
  • Dr. Seuss bookends from EBay. Ebay is the best place to find a variety of these bookends. My favorite Seuss bookends are the Horton Hears a Who pair. Find this great set to add a special touch to a high shelf.

7. Doggie Theme

For dog loving families, this is a common collection of decorations. Many baby clothes for boys naturally feature dogs. The puppy theme can also feature kittens and other house pets. Colors for these rooms are dominantly light blue with accents of gray and white.

Three unique options for puppy themed nursery items:

  • Puppy wall stickers from Amazon. These stickers feature life size images of real dogs as well as paw print marks. Place the stickers around the furniture in the room to accent the theme.
  • Puppy pillows from Rosenberry Rooms. Rosenberry has some great silhouette doggie pillows that will look great in a crib or even leaning against a wall.
  • Cute Puppies framed photograph by Kathleen Struckle from Fine Art America. Real photos framed nicely add a great touch to a child's room.

8. Superman Theme

Superhero NurseryCredit: Dani 0010

Superman is a popular super hero for kid's rooms. Due to its immense popularity, it is easy to find pretty much anything with the Superman logo on it. Look a little harder to find some more unique items for the boys room, to set it apart from typical super hero nurseries.

Three unique options for Superman themed nursery items:

  • Superman giant peel and stick wall decal from Collector Connection. There are many of these on the internet. A great version can be found at Collector Connection. It is not too cartoony but not too 'rough'.
  • Superman bust nightlight on Ebay. This isn't the easiest to find but it is definitely the best Superman night light. It presents a 3D bust of Superman with his arms crossed and a small light inside.
  • Superman cape from Amazon. The cape can be found anywhere, especially at retail locations around Halloween. Hanging the cape on a kids coat rack is a good addition to Superman decor in a kid's room.

9. Racecar Theme

The racecar theme and the Cars theme are two very different things. Racecar decorations feature tracks, cars of different variety, racing helmets, steering wheels, and finish line flags. The most common color associated with these decorations is red. Because of the checkered flag, black and white are common as well.

Three unique options for racecar themed nursery items:

  • Racecar bookends from Luxury Baby Nursery. These bookends come in both stock car and Formula 1. Use them on shelves, bookcases or on top of the dresser.
  • Racecar wall decals from Graffiti Chic on Etsy. These decals come in any colors you specify and would add a fun accent around the toy box. There are many other places to find transportation themed wall decals. Search for just the right ones for the nursery.
  • Twelve inch race car clock from Amazon. This clock has a light checkered flag background and would be a more practical addition to a themed room.

10. Monkey Theme

Monkey Nursery ItemsCredit: wikedrice

Many parents choose to isolate the jungle theme and put up decorations of mostly monkeys. Like puppies, many pieces of infant clothing already feature monkeys and it is common to find decorations with various monkeys and gorillas.

Three unique options for monkey themed nursery items:

  • Stuffed monkey just hanging around. One original way to decorate a room with this theme is to hang stuffed monkeys in different places: on the bed, hanging from the bookcase, hanging out of a dresser drawer, etc.
  • No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed wall decal from TheBabyDolls on Etsy. This nursery rhyme is a timeless classic and the quote for this wall sticker reads just that: No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. The font is fun and there is a monkey image to accompany the text.
  • Framed monkey print by Asbjorn Lonvig at Fine Art America. This print uses basic shapes and colors but provides a one-of-a-kind monkey image. 

11. Cowboy Theme

Cowboy decorations are becoming less common but are still sought out by parents. Many people are moving away from any theme that displays guns. Often, this theme is mixed with farm decorations to avoid certain elements. Blue, gray, red, and white are the common colors associated with these decorations.

Three unique options for cowboy themed decorations:

  • Rope art names by Montana  Western Baby. This is exactly what it sounds like: a personalized name made from rope to hold its shape and hang on the wall. Authentic versions of these are quite expensive, ranging from $20-$35 per letter.
  • Cowboy Western baby crib mobile by Drops of Color Shop on Etsy. This mobile features hand-cut and hand-sewn, partially filled felt images including a horse, boot, cactus and horseshoe. The colors of the objects can be customized.
  • Lite Source cowboy table lamp from various retailers. The lamp features a large cowboy boot, sheriffs badge and cactus on a small stand. The lamp comes out of an arm of the cactus.

12. Motorcycle Theme

Harley-Davidson is usually the primary display for motorcycle themed nurseries. Orange and black are the most common colors. Leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, and the Harley logo are typical features of this theme.

Three unique options for a Harley Davidson themed nursery:

  • Harley rocker from Baby Earth. Instead of rocking horse, a rocking hog would be more fitting for this theme. Make sure you have the space for a toy of this size.
  • Motorcycle art print by Paper Llamas on Etsy. This is a very affordable print that presents a fun bike image while remaining basic.
  • Harley clock at Retro Planet. This clock comes with or without a neon tube surrounding the clock face and features a basic Harley Logo.

13. Disney Theme

There are many different Disney characters that can adorn the walls of a nursery. Bright, primary colors like red and blue are typical of these rooms. It is very easy to find anything for your baby's room with Disney characters on it. For little boy's rooms, the Disney characters are usually dressed in light blue diapers.

Three unique options for a Disney themed nursery:

  • Disney bedding from Disney Store. There are so many different varities of Disney character bedding to choose from it is definately worth a look. Even if you don't settle on bedding, there are fun pillows and throw blankets to choose from.
  • Disney rugs from Amazon. Find just the right image and size of Disney rug to place in the middle of your nursery floor. Some rugs can be found with multiple characters on them.
  • Mickey Mouse poster from Poster Check Out. The Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Friends Forever is the print I recommend the most. It is a good mix of classic and contemporary.

14. Baseball Theme

Many parents use the nursery to display the family loyalty to their favorite sports team. Even without choosing a favorite team, it is easy to stock a boys room with fun baseball decorations.

Three unique options for a baseball themed nursery:

  • Boys vintage wall decal from AStickyPlace on Etsy. This set features the text: 'Take me out to the ballgame.' as well as a pitcher and batter image. These would likely look best placed together but would also be attractive if mixed throughout the room.
  • Home run five arm chandelier from Rosenberry Rooms. If you have the opportunity to affix a light or ceiling fan to the ceiling I suggest you strongly consider this baseball themed chandelier.
  • DIY baseball scoreboard for the nursery from A Couple of Craft Addicts (a blogspot blog). This project will take time but it will give your son a fantastic scoreboard in his bedroom.

15. Football Theme

Like the baseball theme, parents can choose to focus on a single team or the sport in general. Green and blue are popular colors for most sports themes as well as any colors applicable to a favorite team.

Three unique options for a football themed nursery:

  • Football Wastebasket from Warm Biscuit. Adding subtle accents to functional items is a great way to promote a theme in a nursery. If you get a good look at the trashcan, you'll notice that it would be an easy DIY project.
  • Football drawer pulls from Baby Super Mall. Adding personalized drawer pulls is a fun level of customization, another subtle way to maintain a theme.
  • Giant monogrammed football wall decal from Dali Decals. Get your son's name in a giant football stuck to the wall.


It takes time to find just the right things for your baby's room. Hopefully, you were able to use this list to get started on the perfect boys nursery.