Have you ever thought about starting your own business but didn't quite know what to do? The happiest and most successful business owners often say they love their work and would do it even if they didn't get paid. Can you say that about your current job? If not, think about starting your own business. What may begin as a weekend project may turn into a full time career.

Ask yourself this question; "What do I enjoy doing the most and is there a way to get paid for it?" Take your time and really ponder the question. When you have an answer, the next thing to do would be some research. Is there a current market for your services? What will you need to get started? Do you require additional education or a particular license? What will your initial investment be and can you afford it? Do you know how to write a Business Plan and can you stay on a budget? Another thing to think about is whether you can initially run your business from your home on your free time.

You may end up making a little extra cash or you may start the next Fortune 500 Company, but you will never know unless you try. If you cannot think of a particular task that you enjoy doing, here are a few suggestions.

Baked Goods: Do you love to bake and often receive complements on your baked goods? If so, this just might be the business for you. Start by baking for friends and family and then ask them to spread the word. Create your own recipes and if you have a particularly flavorful product, you should enter it in a baking contest. If you win or even place, this will generate much needed exposure for your company. Also, get to know the restaurant owners in your area and ask them if they will sell your goods. Networking and offering the best baked goods in your area two important components.

Caterer: This is similar to making baked-goods, if you enjoy cooking for a crowd and you are pretty good at it, try catering. Start slow with small parties, meetings or other events. Host a "Tasting" party for potential clients and let them sample your best stuff. Networking and great food are crucial.

Child Care: Do you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm? Do you love children? Child care may by your forte. If you are interested in opening-up a day care center, make sure you have the proper education and permits necessary. As you work towards you goal, offer to watch the children of your friends and family. They will appreciate the help and you will appreciate the experience and extra cash.

Clean Homes or Offices: People love to come home to a clean house! If you are good and fast, people will want to hire you. Try to find someone to partner with you; two people can clean faster than one. Try to find small offices that could benefit from your services. When your business picks-up, recruit trusted friends or family members to help and make sure they clean to your standards. You will need to have insurance in the event that something is broken or missing, or if one of your employees is injured.

Computer Technician: Are you technically savvy and have a knack for programming and repairing computers? If so, there are a number of people who could use your expertise. Gain as much education in this field as you can and get the word out. Talk to all your friends and family members and look for small businesses that could use your expertness. This is a field where continuing education is a must. Be sure to keep-up with all the new programs and strive to be the best in your field.

Dog Walker/Trainer: Do you love dogs? You may enjoy a business training and/or walking dogs for others. If you love dogs but don't know how to train them, take classes and work to be the best in your class. When you are ready, get the word out and start with friends and/or family members.

Florist: Do you have a "Green thumb?" You may want to think about becoming a florist, or a floral care-taker. Many small businesses and some homeowners rely on people to take care of the flowers in their homes or offices. If you enjoy working with flowers, you could start by taking care of other people's flowers and when you build-up your cliental, you may want to think about opening up your own shop.

Handyman or Woman: Are you good with odd jobs around your home? You may want to use your talents to earn some extra money. Begin with friends and family. If your prices are reasonable and you do quality work, you will probably get referrals and repeat business. You will need to have tools and insurance to cover any accidents or property damage.

Lessons ~ Dance: Are you a skilled dancer? From Ballroom to Hip-Hop, there may be a market for your skills. Advertise and network, get the word out.

Lessons ~ Musical Instrument: If you play a musical instrument and have the skill to teach others, you may enjoy giving lessons. Adults and children can both benefit from your services. Get the word out to family and friends, then advertise and network.

Lessons ~ Personal Trainer: Become certified in health and physical fitness, and then build up your cliental. You can start by training someone from your family or a friend. Take before and after photos and use this person as a future reference. Always be on time and professional; learn everything and become the best personal trainer in your area.

Lessons ~ Swim: The summer months are the most popular time for this business, however, you can teach someone to swim anytime in an indoor pool setting. In addition to knowing how to swim, you should be CPR certified.

Lessons ~ Tutor: If you have a background in education, this may be something to think about. Speak with your friends, neighbors, and family members. As with all of these businesses, if you are the best at what you do, you should get referrals.

Lessons ~ Voice: Is singing your passion and area of expertise? Can you teach others to read music and sing? You could give lessons in your home or in the home of your students.

Swimming pool and/or Spa Cleaning: You should know about water treatment and the correct way to clean pools and/or spas. Contact everyone you know who has a pool or a spa and if you keep your prices competitive and the quality of your services high, they would probably welcome your services.

There are other opportunities out there, you just have to take your time and think about what you want to do. Remember, every business was once someone's dream.