Let’s get realistic for a second and realize that people do not buy 15 inch car subwoofers to add a little bit of bass to their music; the people that purchase subwoofers that are this big want to add BIG BASS to the music that they are listening to.  If the owner of the car wanted to add a little bit of bass to their music, they would have chosen to buy a pair of 10 or 12 inch car subwoofers to install in their car stereo system.

The question is no longer how much bass the car owners want, but it is what specific 15 inch car subwoofers will emit that amount of bass. However, it is not the best idea to simply choose the subwoofers for your car that have the highest amount of watts...there is much more to it!

This article will go over 3 specific models of subwoofers that you should purchase for your car’s stereo system; it will list the pros and cons of each, along with the price that they are sold for on the common market.

Lanzar Max Pro

Lanzar has produced some of the best 15 inch car subwoofers over the past few years; however, the Lanzar Max Pro has raised the bar to a whole new level!  Since the cones on 15 inch subwoofers are much bigger than the cones on the 10 and 12 inch speakers, they have a tendency to tear much easier; in essence, more surface area equates to an easier tear. The cones of the Lanzar Max Pro subwoofers are made with non-pressed paper and the edge of the speaker is made with specially treated rubber. If these features do not already sell you on these Lanzar 15 inch car subwoofers, then the price will most definitely make you head to the speaker store immediately. These specific Lanzar subwoofers can be found on Amazon for under $80, which literally makes them a steal!

The one con about these 15 inch car subwoofers is that they only feature 800 watts of RMS power. Not that 800 RMS watts is not a lot of power, but considering the fact that the subwoofer is 15 inches wide, Lanzar could have done a lot better.

Planet Audio Has A Few 15 Inch Car Subwoofers That Will Rattle Your Trunk!

Planet Audio has been around for quite some time, and has made a great name for themselves in the speaker and subwoofer industry. They have released many 15 inch car subwoofers in the past that have been successful; however, I feel that the BB series is full of their best speakers yet!

One specific model that I have tested is the Planet Audio BB215D, which features 3000 watts of max power! This translates to just shy of 1500 watts of RMS power, which is more than enough to allow your music to be heard from blocks away! This specific subwoofer features a 4 ohm system, which makes it compatible with most car amplifiers, and allows it to be bridged in many different ways!

The one and only con that I see with this series of 15 inch car subwoofers is the general price range that they fall in. You will not find a Planet Audio BB Series subwoofer for under $200! Although Amazon has the specific Planet Audio BB215D for sale for just under $220!

The Legacy LSW-A Lot Of Bass For A Small Price

Legacy is definitely not well known and has only released a few 15 inch car subwoofers to the public. With that being said, you are probably wondering why I am mentioning this speaker in this article. The answer to that question is that I was simply impressed when I had tested the subwoofer with my car’s amplifier. This subwoofer retails for under $100, and features 2000 watts of RMS power! Where else can you find that much bass in your face for such a small price?

The reason that Legacy can keep the prices of their subwoofers for cars low is because they do not spend much money on building their brand name or product advertisement. This Legacy subwoofer is the perfect speaker for those individuals that are on a budget.

I would definitely not recommend any 15 inch car subwoofers that I have not already tried or researched, and I can honestly tell you that all three of these speakers are the best buys that you will find. Simply pair them up with an equivalent car amplifier, and you will be absolutely impressed with the amount of bass that they produce. In addition, I would never recommend a subwoofer that emitted bad quality bass; all of these subwoofers have the sound quality to back them. Add these to your shopping list, and you will definitely love driving around and listening to music.