Providing powerful service is the best way to get new and keep your existing customers. Powerful customer service is as much about you as it is about your customer - it demonstrates what is important to you and shows what type of a business person you are. Customer service is a function of the heart - a matter of expressing your feelings and sense of gratitude for your customers. Acknowledge those people who have chosen to work with you and you will be advertising your business in the best possible light. Treat your customers the way you like to be treated.

Any customer contact provides a fantastic opportunity to give great customer service. On the phone, totally focus on the conversation and smile when you talk - the smile can be heard on the other end. When meeting a customer in person; look them in the eye, shake hands, touch their elbow lightly and smile with your heart. In written correspondence, use phrases and words that paint a picture of friendliness and openness.

Here are some little tips to provide powerful customer service:

  • Always say "I appreciate your business. Thank you!"
  • Ask "Is there anything else I can assist you with?" and mean it.
  • Ask your customers about their family, interests and work.
  • Be creative and unique in your acknowledgment of them.
  • Go the extra mile - give a little extra for free because you want to.
  • Keep in regular contact using a range of methods.
  • Offer to link back to their websites or place an article of theirs on your site.
  • Promptly return their phone calls and written correspondence.
  • Provide freebies occasionally – articles of interest, calendars, pens, notepads.
  • Refer them to others who need what the products or services they provide.
  • Remember customers on major holidays with a card.
  • Remember their (children's) birthdays and important anniversaries.
  • Send inexpensive, quality small gifts to new clients.
  • Show them easier, faster or more efficient ways to do things.
  • Tell them how much you enjoy working with them - often.

Whether or not you hear back from a customer, they will appreciate and remember you. They are more likely to tell others about your business because you have honored what they need and who they are. Creating powerful business partnerships not only generates more business, but also gives you a widening sphere of influence.