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     One of the problems I found with working out for most people is time.  I have read hundreds of articles on weight training and exercise written by women and men alike with very busy lives.  The common theme that I found that keeps people from working out is having the time to do it. 

     I have experimented with one hour workouts, thirty minute workouts, etc.  I found that it’s possible to do a 15 minute workout four days a week and get the results that you want.  Now remember, you are going to have to utilize an eating plan as well but, with a well balanced meal and a great 15 minute routine your fit body is on the way.  All these components work together to ensure that you meet your goals.

     Start today!  Commit to a certain time daily to workout.  I know for some of the mothers out there with children; it seems as if there is never anytime for you.  I suggest that you wake up 30 minutes early from everyone else in the house.  Take that much needed “me” time to improve the way you look and feel.  The first 10 minutes should be to wake up and just appreciate you.  The next 5 minutes should be for stretching out those muscles.  The final 15 minutes will be for your exercise routine.  For everyone else, whatever time works for you to get your workout in throughout the day take it and let’s go!!!

     This workout can be spread out in a couple of ways each requiring only 15 minutes per day:

Example One:

Monday-High Intensity Interval Training for 15 minutes.  (Jog in place/walk in place-1 minute JIP/1 minute WIP) for 15 minutes.

Tuesday-Superset Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders (1 superset per body part)

Wednesday-Abdominal Exercises (Crunches, Reverse Crunch and Plank)

Thursday-Back/Chest/Legs (1 superset per body part)

Take breaks no longer than 15 seconds.

Example Two:

Monday-Superset Biceps and Back (2 exercises, 2 sets, 10-12 reps)

Tuesday-Superset Triceps and Chest (2 exercises, 2 sets, 10-12 reps)

Wednesday-High Intensity Interval Training for 10 minutes.  (Jog in place/walk in place-1 minute JIP/1 minute WIP) for 10 minutes.    5 mins of Abdominal Exercises

Thursday-Superset Legs and Shoulders (3 exercises, 2 sets, 10-12 reps)

Take breaks no longer than 15 seconds.

     All of the above exercises can be accomplished with body exercises, bands, or dumbbells. If you need examples of exercises to superset you can find them at www.bodybuilding.com.  These routines should make working out at your home or office ideal.  Please feel free to use either of the above examples and you will be heading in the right direction.  Fitness is only as good as the work that you are willing to put in.  Just remember, it is a lot easier to capture 15 minutes of time a day than the alternative of an hour or more.  Stay Motivated!